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Port Lincoln fishing report 23/01/2015

Jan 23 2015 06:58 AM | bjorn2fish in Eyre Peninsula

The main wharf has had plenty of Tommies and Salmon Trout, biting on baits and lures especially if burley was being used. Just remember to be aware of the difference between Australian Herring (Tommy Rough) and Australian Salmon, as many salmon are having to be measured. The odd smaller Yellowtail Kingfish are also being spotted from the wharf, with some anglers having success hooking them using fresh baits. Slimy Mackerel and Chow are also being reported in the area. Tuna sizes seem to vary considerably with some around Low Rocks measuring between 2 and 28kg. Tuna were also found behind Hopkins, Thistle, Williams and Neptune Islands and the Cabbage Patch. Small skirted lures are working well for the smaller tuna and colour doesn’t seem to matter on most days. Nannygai and Snapper are also being caught by jigging and bottom bouncing baits.

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Port Lincoln fishing report 15/01/2015

Jan 15 2015 09:28 AM | bjorn2fish in Eyre Peninsula

Rugger snapper are being caught in local bays and surrounding areas, with most fish being under 5 kilo.

Boaties chasing King George Whiting are reporting it is very ‘hit and miss’.

Garfish are being caught in local bays if the weather permits, and if anglers use burley to attract them into the area. Squid are in less numbers but still reliable throughout the bays and off the jetties. The main wharf had salmon trout, slimy macks, tommies and small schools of kingies have shown up here, the marina, Proper Bay and plenty of other spots between Lincoln and Tumby Bay. Tuna fishing has been good with fish ranging from a couple of kilos up to 20 kg. Best reports were from Low Rocks, the Cabbage Patch, south of Thistle and Williams Islands and even some close to Memory Cove.

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Port Lincoln fishing report 08/01/2015

Jan 08 2015 11:38 AM | bjorn2fish in Eyre Peninsula

Tuna – Low Rocks, Cabbage Patch, Thistle, Williams Island, just to name a few of the spots where they have been reported. Deep diving lures such as the Rapala XRAP and smaller skirts trolled a long way behind the boat seem to be the most effective methods so far. Colour does not seem to be a factor so far, but keep the lures on the smaller size, as the Tuna are mostly small.

Local jetties have been good for squid all day round and into the evening. Tommies and Gar are being caught if burley is presented. Best results tend to be early in the morning or mid to late afternoon. Snook have been a little on the quieter side with a few being caught when smaller prey is in the area.

Don’t go too hard on the burley as unwanted by-catch such as Puffer fish, small Leatherjackets, and Trumpeters are also attracted and quiet often take your bait rather than your target species. Some smaller Stingrays have been loitering around local jettys and bays, so just be wary if you are not targeting them. They are bottom feeders and can take Whiting and general purpose rigs or baits.

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PIRSA Media Release - Information on hand for s...

Dec 30 2014 07:13 AM | bjorn2fish in PIRSA Fisheries

As rods, lures and hooks are dusted off for some holiday fishing, recreational anglers are reminded about the various information sources available to help them make the most of South Australia's rewarding fishing opportunities.

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Port Lincoln fishing report 18/12/2014

Dec 18 2014 10:35 AM | bjorn2fish in Eyre Peninsula

Local bays are seeing good numbers of Blue Swimmer Crabs, with best results being returned during night sessions. Try Salmon, Tommies and Freeze Dried Squid are proving effective baits for the Crabs.
Southern Bluefin Tuna are caught being out wide. Pick your days carefully with this windy weather though.

Local jettys are showing up a few nice sized Garfish in shallow waters and some excellent size Squid, Silver Trevally are proving great tasty sport for many anglers fishing local bays whether targeting them or not.

Anglers are finding that if they are using burley for a certain species, they will be accompanied by Trevally. These fish are excellent fun on light gear.

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