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Port Lincoln fishing report 23/10/2014

Oct 23 2014 08:45 PM | bjorn2fish in Eyre Peninsula

Some good sized squid and King George Whiting are being caught in the local bays by boaties. Some visitors managed whiting around 35cm in front of the P.L Tourist Park. The Jetties and rocks are still a good bet to get a good feed of squid. Snook and Garfish have been reported all over when the wind has died off.

The passage and surrounding areas have been OK for Nannygai, Morwong and a few Snapper have started to appear. Sleaford to Wanna has seen some good schools of Salmon to 4Kg. Especially the Wanna end.
Metal lures and Bigger Soft Plastics have been effective. Billy Lights Point had salmon and squid. Schools of frogmouth pilchards have been in close to shore anywhere from the town foreshore, North Shields and Louth Bay with mostly tommies and a few salmon chasing them.

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Port Lincoln fishing report 16/10/2014

Oct 16 2014 03:26 PM | bjorn2fish in Eyre Peninsula

Snapper rock has reports of medium sized squid coming in, being caught late in the day and into the evening. Whiting reports came from Thistle Island, Spalding Cove, Proper Bay, Bolingbroke and Louth Bay. Small Squid were still in good numbers throughout the bays and off the jetties. Salmon trout, tommies and snook are chasing baitfish along the North Shore most afternoons. The main wharf had small tommies and salmon trout.

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Port Lincoln fishing report 09/10/2014

Oct 09 2014 10:27 AM | bjorn2fish in Eyre Peninsula

Summer whiting have started to move into the bays with reports of fish in Spalding Cove, Proper Bay and the North Shore/Sandhill’s area. Schools of salmon were not as prevalent over the long weekend but some nice fish came from Millers and the Salmon Hole. Bronze whaler sharks were spotted by anglers fishing the south coast between Sleaford and Wanna, and some big trevally were caught as well which is unusual.

The north shore has had schools of pilchards during the afternoons with large amounts of birds working them, with tommies, salmon trout and trevally being the predominate species caught from these patches of fish. Lures returned the best results if the fish were close enough within casting range from shore.

Boaties fishing deeper water around Thistle Island had success on king george whiting, whilst anglers fishing in closer waters around proper bay also found a good feed of whiting.

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Port Lincoln fishing report 03/10/2014

Oct 03 2014 08:28 AM | bjorn2fish in Eyre Peninsula

Schools of Salmon of varying sizes have been found along the Sleaford to Wanna beaches. Patience must be exercised at times as you wait for the schools to come in close enough to cast to. Metal lures, poppers and big soft plastics have been effective when you can reach the schools. King George Whiting were around Thistle Island, Taylors and the Lumps.

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PIRSA Media Release: A smart way to remember yo...

Oct 03 2014 08:16 AM | bjorn2fish in PIRSA Fisheries

As the October long weekend approaches, PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture is reminding recreational fishers to keep abreast of the fishing rules, regulations and closures.

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