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Dorsal Fin EASTER Fishing Report 13/04/2017

dorsal fin easter fishing report metro yorke peninsula saltwater freshwater

Well the long range forecast is looking as though there are going to be light winds for most of the state as far west as Fowlers so there is no excuse to enjoy the Easter Long Weekend. Tides are great as they are always for Easter so here is the info I have been able to gather for you.



Metro has really livened up in the last couple of weeks where the snapper have showed up in some of the regular spots like the Shipping Channel. Nice fish between 45-60cms have been caught mainly on the incoming tide. I tend to like the outgoing for bigger fish. Whiting are being caught from West Beach with good fish around the 38cm mark but also work the out skirts of the Grange Tyre Reef for the same type of fish. Legal whiting are also being caught just off the Norma, Silt Grounds and the Black Pole. Crabs are still doing well off Semaphore and Largs with some still being caught as far south as Brighton. Mullet have now moved onto our beaches with Largs, Tennyson and Grange being the best. Squid looks like to be as good as last year with good catches at Marino, south of Brighton, West Beach and also east of the Black Pole. Snook can also be caught early morning along the weed line just in from the sand line between Semaphore and Largs. Best when the tide is really moving. Port river has mullet in the creeks and the salmon trout have started to hang around the north arm and north towards St Kilda. Bream have been caught around the wrecks in the North Arm and as far north as the railway bridge near the West Lakes outlet. Mulloway have been caught by the die hards but if you are prepared to put in the time and get your live bait there are some nice fish near the quarantine station and at the Pelican Point Power Station outlet. West Lakes has bream, Mulloway and Mullet at the southern end and the northern end has lots of small bream with some decent size fish in between. As I said a while ago if you go to the beach at the north/eastern end of the lake you can pump clickers which are great bait. The Onkaparinga has bream, some salmon trout and mullet near the outlet. Yellowfin whiting are still being caught on the northern beaches along with some flathead. Best places are Port Gawler, Thompsons Beach and Webb Beach. There is also crabs for those crabbers wanting to rake but follow the tide out to get it quick.




PORT BROUGHTON – Nice salmon trout, snook and tommies in the channel. North of the last pole there are garfish, tommies and the odd whiting in the sand channels. Crabs in the channel and in between the Channels of Port Broughton and Fishermans Bay. Jetty anglers (If you can get pass the trumpeters there are crabs, tommies and a few Yellowfin Whiting.


WALLAROO – Out from North Beach there are crabs, Squid, Garfish and Tommies. The inside are of Bird island has big mullet and snook but you need to get in close. The patches as you just get past the island on the inside have some very nice whiting but the trick is come up to the patches very slow and anchor 10 metres behind so you don’t spook them. At the moment anywhere north isn’t doing so well other than squid closer in around Point Rielly. There has been a few small Kings swimming around but again reluctant to bite. The jetty is producing squid, tommies and crabs so great for the kids.


PORT HUGHES/MOONTA – Whiting are picking up around the northern grounds between the point and Walrus rock, they are also picking up at Kemps and the Rose Garden and near Coopers and south further into the bay. Squid are at coopers, the bay and west of the Moota jetty. Snapper have been doing very well with fish being caught south of Cape Elizabeth, southern end of the Tiparra reef where there is still some great garfish fishing on the eastern side of the pole. Snook are in the weed patches west of Coopers. For jetty anglers there is squid, crabs and tommies on the Port Hughes jetty and crabs and tommies on the Moonta jetty. Squid can be better at night at this time of year on these jetties due to the bright full moon.


BALGOWAN – Has whiting on most of the local grounds out from the cliffs. Snapper are further south towards the reefs at Chinamans and out wide on the ledges grounds. There is also some heading north towards Cape Elizabeth along the first ledge in around the 15 metre mark.


PORT VICTORIA – Garfish are slowing due to the temperature drop but there is still a feed near Rocky. Squid are doing well between Moorara wreck and north drifting. Snook are near Deadmans along with some salmon. The bay has snook and tommies. South towards Second Beach has some big whiting but you need to move around to get your limit but with the whiting comp on Saturday it will be the area to get the big one. For the jetty anglers, while the jetty hasn’t been fully restored there are still tommies and squid along with the odd big drummer at night.
Remember that the royal Coastal Patrol Hosts the Annual Whiting Competition on Saturday with some huge prizes for the biggest whiting and it all goes to their volunteer patrol so please support.


PORT RICKABY – Has squid, tommies and a few garfish, again the jetty is limited.


HARDWICK BAY – Has whiting in 15-18 feet of water just out from the township along with squid further north and there are tommies and garfish near the weed line.


POINT TURTON – Whiting are in the bay along with fish on the Pipes ground along with fish out from Soutter and out from the weed line from the bay after soutter in around 3-4 metres of water in the sand patches. Sorry no reports of snapper. Jetty anglers can get squid. Garfish, tommies and if lucky there are some small kings and salmon hanging around the breakwater.


CORNY POINT – Has some nice squid and whiting pass the weed line. Around the corner they have snapper in the deeper areas around the island.


GLEESON’S LANDING – Has squid off the reef for shore anglers while boat anglers can expect snapper, whiting and some big tommies. Shore base there is some school mulloway and salmon.


DALY HEAD – Some nice salmon schools have been showing up late afternoons. Best trick is to have binoculars and look before going down. Mullet should also be on the beaches.


BROWNS BEACH/PONDI – Salmon are showing up on Brown’s but this week you will need to get there at night with the full moon if you want to chuck lures out in the bay. With the weather looking good you can get out on the inner reef early morning or late afternoon and throw out floating pilchards which works very well. There is also some nice mullet at the bottom of the stairs. Pondi has some nice mullet and some garfish. Not long ago I caught a huge catfish in the same are.


MARION BAY – The mullet have moved in out the front of the caravan park and off the cliffs on the point. For jetty anglers there are tommies and squid. If you want the big squid get there very early or wait for the sunset.


BUTLERS BEACH – Butlers this time of year is magic. Mullet, salmon and big tommies of the beach. Be sure to visit.


EDITHBURGH – Some nice snapper have been caught near the Marion reef, The channel is limited over Easter due to bi tides but if you can manage to get out there during the slow tidal movements you can get snapper, whiting and some school sharks. Jetty is doing well for squid and tommies and on the northern end of jetty if you cast out wide can produce whiting.


COBOWIE – This can be a great place to go to when everything goes sour. On the point you can get garfish, tommies and whiting. Head into the oyster leases a\late afternoons and you will get big whiting 50cm plus along with some nice gummies. The southern end is best.


STANSBURY – Has crabs near the spit along with squid. Those getting closer to the oyster leases can find some big whiting. Out front of the cemetery grounds in 5-6 metres of water will find whiting late afternoons or slower tides move closer into the 3-4 metre mark on the patches where the whiting can be pretty full on. There is also squid when drifting in the same area. Jetty anglers can get crabs, garfish and tommies.


PORT VINCENT – Plenty of crabs for the boaties and dabbers here along with mullet, bream and some salmon trout off the wharf at high tide.


BLACK POINT – Has crabs and garfish near the spit on the eastern side. High tide the beaches are producing yellowfin whiting and mullet. Out from the spit there are also some salmon trout. Out wide heading south towards Orontes there has been some nice snapper caught.


ARDROSSAN – Snapper catches have improved off the Barrages and north east of the jetty. Crabs are prolific just south of the BHP jetty along with garfish. Yellowfin Whiting are being caught on the beaches out from the cliffs. Squid have been OK but you need to travel south towards James Well.


CLINTON/PRICE – The creek is just starting to get mullet. You need to see where the shags are sitting and then you will find the mullet. The mouth has salmon trout as well as some flathead along the edges of the channel as well as some snook which are hard to hook.




WAITPINGA – Some nice salmon trout and mullet early mornings but with the full moon there will be some nice salmon during the night off the reef to the right using lures.


COORONG – If you can get a camping spot early ensure you pick a spot where the water is clear. There is a lot of mullet in these areas and there should be some school mulloway. Nothing is better when you can throw out a line in front of camp and bag a fish. Planning is everything. The mouth has mullet, salmon trout and the odd schoolie. Further up towards Mundoo channel you can get bream near the rocks.


SALT CREEK AND BEYOND – There has been some very good reports of Mulloway still being caught off Salt Creek. The last I had was 2 weeks ago of a 18Kg fish caught 5kms east of the Tee Crossing. My friend also the week before we headed to the Coorong caught fish over a metre. So fish are still there. This weekend should be a cracker with little weed (I’m assuming of course.) LOL.


Still plenty of tuna hanging around in schools west of Victor and thus weekend should be a blinder. People that took the boat the other week did well off Newland Heads and also got snapper and Nannies


My friend has been doing very well on the callop and they seemed to be from Blancheown towards Mannum. Ther is still a few shrimp about so would suggest putting in a net with the old faithful Parmolive soap.


Wishing everyone a very safe and happy long weekend and remember no fish is worth your safety so take your time.


Here is what the guys did last week off Victor


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