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  3. Any waterbased acrylic paint thinned down is more than adequate for most painting applications from an airbrush
  4. where are you getting your paint for these from banga? very interesting idea to make your own (or even adding colours to existing lures)
  5. That one is an Solid Uv Orange Head with a green under tail and black stripes with silver fleck in it
  6. Yeah they look alright but i'm quite keen on this one from Banga
  7. They look sweet! Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  8. It's the main reason why i went searching for these blanks to paint.. Paying 20 bucks plus for an top water lure for whiting is ridiculous. If i can provide a cheaper option that still catches fish im happy to continue painting them and sell a few here or there...
  9. I can help keep this thread going. A number of years ago was there on a Saturday morning and landed a 42 on a daiwa dc. Was so excited went back on the Sunday morning and landed a 43 again on a dc just a different colour. This is still my pb from the Lake. Regards HBt.
  10. My biggest in West Lakes 42- 43cm on white bait. No luck with plastics. Around 2017-2018.I have a pic somewhere will need to find it and post. A mate has had 45Cm. Gonna have to start going again.
  11. With the Sugar Pens on some sites now getting up to $33 and demand is there for that brand as being a successful lure,but the copies are on there way.I was shown 4 copies (pictures) last week and gee they are very close to the originals.He said he would send me a few to look at,thinking if people can buy them cheaper then they will sell quickly,who ever gets them out there first will be making some money from it.
  12. Hi all.. Used the "banger" lure today.. Still works. Got my for dinner.. Im happy.. Plenty small ones interested in it..
  13. Thanks doobie, those heat patches are the best invention yet.. trouble is sometimes I forget I have them on and after eight hours they leave burn marks on the skin.. I have a lot of 70 mm x 50 mm scars on my body from them.. when I go to have a dose of injections my Doctor just rolls his eyes back and shakes his head and says "looks like you be giving the heat pads plenty of use again" cheers Adrian
  14. Where's Adrian .. (the wife said) ...under all these heat pads dear .. (says Adrian) That would have definitely helped catch up on your strike rate. I can see you now ...... at them A good variety of catches that would have kept you entertained for the whole session. Great video also Adrian - keep it up and keep using those heat pads
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  16. This video is from a four hour plus spin session in one of the toughest fast water stretches of the Meander River, it gave up quite a few trout of all sizes from small 260 gram trout up to a 720 gram brown, Several times I was going to call it a day and head to some slower flowing water but then I'd catch another trout or two so I kept pushing on.. Before I left home I had put eight heat patches on my lower back & left hip, three on the right should & one on the left shoulder. They certainly helped to get me through the time spent in the fast waters of the Meander River.. In the end I had 35 hook ups of which 26 were caught & released.. I had to shorten the video because it went well over the 15 minutes allowed.. Anyway you'll get some idea of the time I spent in the river.. I've had young men fish here with me and they've only lasted an hour in this stretch river because the going was too tough for them, plus they fell in a couple of times which was enough for them to toss in the towel.. cheers Adrian
  17. HB, is your Nitro Vapor still for sale?


  18. Hi guys. I’m looking for some advice on which trim tabs to put on my fish hunter 585. Recently put a counter rotation 4 stroke on it.......... now has a list on starboard side. But that another story another day. Cheers
  19. Honestly I only go there when I get like $10 off or my family gives me a gift card
  20. While BCF and Anaconda have got the range they still aren't cheap when the sales are on. I wanted a Shimano Sedona this week and seen them for $99 normally $124.99. Ordered direct from overseas and is delivered to my door for $70.Not a huge saving but the gear i go through every year every bit helps to save me something,as for warranty that's virtually non existent these days.
  21. Well BCF and Anaconda are in walking distance of my home
  22. You gotta support your local bloke cause in the end he will support you
  23. The Micro Wave system is starting to show up on various brands
  24. Just did a quick search on here and came across these threads - might help you.
  25. I can't help you unfortunately as never gone out on a charter at all. Hopefully someone here can help and recommend some info soon.
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