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  3. Thanks guys for your kind thoughts. very much appreciated, i will be fine... I'll finish of with a wild sunset with it snowing a long way off to the left of the photo... cheers Adrian..
  4. All the best Adrian .............CHEERS
  5. Thanks Lofty, yes I remember the suffering you've gone through mate and the trouble you're still having to put up with.. it can also put a lot of pressure on those around you as well when we have those off days with it.. Another dumping of snow on the Bluff again last night and a few other places around the state, none here in Sheffield thankfully.. still damn cold here though.. 4.9 degrees at 11:55 am.. cheers Adrian
  6. Love the picture , but feel for your pain as I have the same problem with L3,L4,and L5 with Sciatica ,and is very painful,after a failed Lamonectomy ( cant spell check ) and many other procedures ,I was implanted with a Dorsal Column Simulator into the spine ,not fun , so I hope you go well , as bad backs rule your life CHEERS and good luck Matey .
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  8. Thanks Bjorn, yes the cold weather doesn't help at all.. it's going to be 6 degrees max here in Sheffield tomorrow, wind chill will make it feel like minus three degrees. .. so I won;t be going outside at all.. cheers Adrian
  9. That freezing cold weather can't help. I hope you get some of it sorted out and get some relief soon mate.
  10. Thanks doobie, it's all a long way off at this stage and I know I will benefit from it when it's done.. Hip replacements are pretty common now days and are very successful.. it's the back operation that I'm not all that keen on.. In saying that I am only going by what the doctor said & it will be quite some time before I get to see a surgeon to see what he comes up with, he may turn around and do nothing (as I'll be 76 by then) or find a simple solution.. I've lived with chronic back pain since 1972, waiting a couple more years won't matter all that much, so I'll still squeeze quite a few more trips to the rivers over the waiting time. . cheers Adrian..
  11. It's definitely a beautiful sight from your back yard. But, on the otherside of things, you obviously need to take things easy, which I'm sure you will be doing, even though you'd like to be in those rivers catching the fish you love. Hip replacements still seem, and are still a major surgery, but nowadays they'll have you on your feet within a few days. The backs discs though are a different matter. We'd like to think we can 'manage' the discomfort/pain but in the end the requirement of surgery has to be done. Whenever that comes around, it will give you 12 months to sit back, reminisce and look through past footage - but also be planning your future trips Fingers crossed all goes well as nothing will keep the Brand Ambassador for Mepps Lure & Tackle Tactics down
  12. I'm hoping once the weather settles down I'll be back in a river chasing trout, I'm not pushing myself this early in the season like I normally do..So there's no trout fishing for me yet, I had an appointment this afternoon to be assessed to see how soon I can see a orthopedic surgeon for hip replacements & lower back (L3,L4 & L5 discs) surgery.. Have been given the okay for a visit to the orthopedic surgeon for the hips which will be around twelve months time. As for the back, well that's going to be assessed another time down the track to see another surgeon.. Not in a hurry for the back surgery as they said it may result in three discs being removed & steel rods inserted plus a twelve month recovery.. I'll be trying to hold off on that operation for sure.. I'll just have to be more selective where I fish in a river this season, trouble is the easy to get to waters never hold trout.. My doctor is finally back from overseas so I'll be paying him a few visits for a dose of injections again... There was a nice dumping of snow overnight on Black Bluff with more forecast, very clear skies up this was tonight too.. more likely a heavy frost than snow here at this stage. Here's a photo I took this morning from the back yard, I'd sooner it had been a few photos of some trout.. cheers Adrian
  13. Your vid inspired me to get the old 2000/5000 grit stone out after a bit of elbow grease, the knife is sharper than it’s been in a while
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  15. The simple "fingers" sharpener has always worked well for me. I have also bought a cheap V shaped spring sharpener which also works. I reckon the better quality steel you buy, the longer they last & the longer they stay sharper. Otherwise, just but new mid range knives every few years as they are cheap anyway.
  16. Like I said, release weights are the flavour of the month. The more research I have done, the more I am unconvinced. But...I'm no marine biologist so if the powers that be say its the way to go, then who am I to argue. I catch to keep, so when I have what I need, then I stop. You will have the unexpected catch which I try to release quickly as best as possible. Do the bread & butter fish survive, especially undersized, maybe. Who knows....
  17. Yeah but no matter how quick they go to the bottom - much of the damage done on the way up can’t be repaired by a quick descent all those hernias, prolapses, ruptures and haemorrhaging have already occurred. it might be worth passing that on to your customers. Because I bet the average angler thinks these weights provide more benefits than they actually do. I know I used to. .......all fish exhibited various clinical signs of barotrauma, including a prolapsed cloaca (60% of fish); gastric herniation (46%); ruptured swim bladder (73%); organ displacement (48%); and kidney (3%), liver (73%) and coloemic-cavity haemorrhaging (33%);with the frequency of nearly all positively associated with capture depth"
  18. Yeah I think I have tried just about Every dodgy method and cheap sharpener available the only things left to try are quality units. So I’ll keep yours in mind if I need to join the Razor Gang
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  20. Lucky bugga lol Those photos look great and on a remote Island too - wouldn't get any better Obviously, "enjoy it" would be an understatement, but look forward to another report as excellent as the first.
  21. produces some heat yes, unless your taking chunks out of the blades you only needs to be very light on the belts (robert sorby has a great attachment for knives!) your just getting a micro burr at the end (use a decent headlamp to get good visibility on what your doing). It comes off the belt with a mirror finish (most belt sanders people use don't use low enough grit and your basically polishing the blade after the first quick pass). I have a bunch of bone handle butter knives i have sharpened up and they are deadly and my hand is totally bald from shaving hairs off with it. My process is to get a burr showing on one side, turn over and do the same to the other. do that 3 times. use buff wheel to remove burr. this gives a finish 98% of people are happy with. and its quick to do. Your passes should be very quick, your taking very little material off. I can do a knife on the belt sander from 600 grit, 1200 grit, 3000 grit, 5000 grit, and finish off on a wheel in about 10 minutes. If it needs to be like a wood plane i would then go and run it over a 4000 grit wet stone, 8000 wet stone, and then finish with a strop. takes under 5 minutes to do a set of surgical scissors. Right equipment makes it heaps easier, I am teaching others in my office to also do it and after 1hr of teaching they confident to throw their expensive knives sets into the mix and do it themselves.
  22. SA is open. NT open. No worries. I'll have to check my profile. I'm in SA near Coffin Bay.
  23. Geeze that sounds like a damn good trip.... Reckon you will be able to travel by then?
  24. Mulloway as well. Mud crabs and I'll take my snorkeling gear and get some crays.
  25. We're lucky, no ironing with COVID, work from home. I do the vacuuming. Nice little dyson that has to die soon. My wife doesn't trust my ironing. 29 years in the Army, having to pass inspection, and she reckons I'm shit. Which is good. I don't iron, even prior to now. I think she confuses ironing with washing, like when I put her whites in the washer with my fish and squid ink clothes. Best thing I ever did.
  26. Me too with all the cooking ... good or bad lol I could buy her a new vacuum ... but I do the vacuuming I could buy her a new duster .... but I do the dusting I could buy her a new iron ... she does the ironing .... but then, you should see all the wrinkles
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