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Chucks Crumbed Mulloway with Roasted Truss Tomatoe

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Ok here is my Recipe for a meal i prepared the other night with some fresh Mulloway we had caughtPosted Image:IngredientsFirst off you need a freshly caught Mulloway about a meter long will do :P Flour, Egg and Milk for Egg Wash, Garlic bread Crumbs, Greted Parmesan Cheese,Chopped Garlic Chives, Salt & Pepper, preferably Rock Salt and Ground Black Pepper, Truss Tomatoes,Broccoli,Fresh Rosemart, Olive Oil and lastly a packet of Gravox Lemon Pepper Saucefirst i filleted, then skinned the fillet, then i made sure there was no bones then it's floured, put in the egg wash, then into a bowl of Garlic Bread Crumbs, Grated fresh Parmesan Cheese, salt, pepper and chopped Garlic Chives, coat each piece well, patting the mix onto the fillet as you want the cheese to sticknext heat a good pan with a little Olive Oil, place fillets in one at a time and coat both sides with the oil before you put the next fillet in and do the same, now cook until golden brown, adjust heat to make sure you cook right through, BUT! don't over cook it AAAAAfishcoated.jpgnext you need some Truss Tomatoes, coat them with Olive Oil, place in a roasting dish with Ground Pepper and Rock Salt and a few sprigs of Rosemary, Roast until skin is just starting to shrivelAAAAAtrusstomatoes.jpgnext cut some chunks of Broccoli and place then in some water to steam them in the microwave or steamer if you own oneAAAAABroccoli.jpglast but not least i bought a packet of Gravox Lemon Pepper Sause, just pop in microwave for 50 seconds and pour over your fish, a few more chopped Garlic Chives sprinkled on top and walla Chucks Crumbed Mully with Roasted Truss Tomatoes, Steamed Broccoli and a Lemon Pepper SauceAAAAAfinishedmeala.jpgEnjoy, Cheers chuckPS i'll stick this recipe up in the right section too so it doesn't get lost in the pages ;)AAAAAfinishedmealb.jpg

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