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salmon and mullet first

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i had a short session on saturday,and thought id try my newly aquired,old model 5wt,managed to get my quite a few salmon trout up to 37cm and a mullet on fly,only the 1 mullet as they were quite hard to hook due to the subtle takes,what made it also special was they were on flies i had tied the night before.DSCN2710.JPGDSCN2702.JPG


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Nice work dude ;) so much more satisfying when their on your own flies. Whats that fluro number? it's it a UV straggle bugger?Cheers1Fish :boot:

thanks and and definately right,catching them on my own flies is great,especially considering i put more time into tying flies than actually fishing them.yes the fly is a uv chartreuse straggle body with a olive marabou tail and gold bead,with extra lead weight underbody,sinks good.the other fly though cant be seen quite good is a shrimp imitation,using white poly fibre rope,orange marabou hot spot,bead eyes,black paint brush bristles for antenae and creamy tan dubbing,tied on a size 6 aberdeen mustad ,hooks from kmart,keep my better hooks for different puposes.

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