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Bream off metro Jetties

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I was wondering if anybody has landed a bream on a metro jetty? I was at Semaphore Jetty the other day and spoke to a local fisherman. He was going for bream or whiting just as the sun was setting. He told me when he was younger, he used to fish there a lot. Most of the time, he would catch a nice feed of bream off the jetty. His PB bream was apparently 64cm and caught off Semaphore Jetty! I don't know if that was correct or if it was estimated, but he told me! :ohmy: :woohoo: I was amazed but he was a nice bloke! So any bream tips or photos of bream off metro jetties?Cheers Alex. :fishing:

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Used to get bream all the time under the Grange and Henley Jetties when I was younger (back in the 60s and 70s). You could see them swimming around the pylons pretty much any day in the warmer weather. One day I went down to Henley in the late afternoon when I was young and a school of bream came through that I can only describe as a sea of bream. I kid you not they were so thick and the school was that large the water was black with them as far as you could see, I can still picture it in my mind, the school was moving slowly south and every one on the jetty was trying to catch them with only a few being successful. I had gone down there on my pushbike and I had some boiled eggs with me to eat. I was dropping the egg white in the water and the bream would slowly circle the egg as it sunk and then one would eat it. Put egg white on a hook and they would not even look at it. The regulars would target bream with tube worms and a light running sinker. Cast it under the jetty near the poles and then wait.I even saw one big bream get caught off the end of Henley Jetty in the middle of a summer's day by a guy fishing for rays and sharks with a heavy line straight off the end and a big hunk of squid for bait. The guy who caught it said it weighed 5 pounds, don't know how accurate the scales were but I do remember it was a horse of a bream.

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