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Kayak Sounder DIY Installation

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Cheers guys.. anchor is next on the list. I'm about to head to Jaycar and get a battery, just finished gluing the TD in and I think it went ok

I want the mount to be below the side of the yak So I can't rip it off loading it upside down onto the racks.. I'm a short arse and car is huge and I have no real control getting it up and down... Just winging it.

I wanted it between my legs but I'll have to drill a hole into the yak to run wires, mate reckons it to wet down there anyway. (First pic)

Second pic is where he has his, I'll only have to drill into the hatch cover to mount it and run the cable. Then I'll mount the battery in the front hatch which should keep it all together and neat. (Second pic)

Only issue I have with that is clearance for the plug, why I thought about a ram mount to help lift it up a little, but if I keep some slack in the wire I should be ok to plug/unplug it when I take the unit off at the same time. (Third pic)bc7c86674b214823c226e431f216b59c.jpgaf2598ef26e7b6af07180b2709a195b0.jpg5b97cbcf5930bfa1bc6103b1aaca5854.jpg

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Reckon i'll go with the hatch mount... It's out of the way of my feet and if i change my mind i'm sure i can get  a new hatch cover to replace the one with drill holes in it. :lol:

I'll have to reach forward if i want to play with it, But it's pretty basic and not much to change apart from mark a spot, other then that once it's on it will stay on the sounder screen 99% of the time.

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6 minutes ago, Softy said:

Just thinking..


Why do you have the float? Is the idea to drop the anchor then clip the float on the  you swing around on that? I don't have a anchor trolley i think they are called. Can i just clip it onto my side handle or something?

The black cord you can see in aussieDave's photo of his/our anchor set up is a piece of bungee i.e. drop the anchor, tie it off on the buoy then clip the bungee onto our anchor trolley (in your case onto your yak).  If you need to follow a fish unclip the bungee from your anchor trolley (yak) and you can then come back to the buoy and clip back on. The idea of the bungee is to act as a shock absorber thus you will not need chain or a larger anchor to hold bottom.

This set up is perfect if you have been burleying up your spot or you are fishing a specific piece of structure (rock etc.), i.e. you know you are exactly back on your spot.  In your smaller yak you can probably get away without a anchor trolley, you can see mine in the previous photo I posted.


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Well I'm all done apart from the battery mount. Thinking about getting one of them Hobie hatch battery holders, I'm guessing Brink's will have them? Just hope it fits.. i reckon I saw somewhere that there only 150mm wide and the lip on my hatch is wider..

Cuttla pics.


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Got out this morning to test it. Working perfectly had a gut feeling it wouldn't read right but thankfully I was wrong.


As for the unit it does all I need except it doesn't measure distance travelled... Unless I'm not looking at the right thing.





Just gotta get my head around what it's showing on the screen VS my location on the water.







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