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Finally found some fish

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Met up today with a mate I haven't fished with for awhile. We met at a local beach to fish the afternoon tide. After a dismal July on the salmon I was really hoping to get into some fish.


Second cast and I was on, felt good to get a bend in the rod, it's been awhile since I've felt that sensation. Just a 30cm fish, but I'd already matched my catch total from last month.


 There were definitely some fish around, but they were spread out all over, lots of casts between fish. Over a couple hours I landed about half a dozen, all around the same size. My mate did about the same, and he hooked one fish he reckoned was much better but he dropped it before we got a look.


A really nice afternoon weather wise as well. Looking forward to more fish showing up and some warm Spring conditions. B)



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Well done Plankton, that must have felt really good.

And to get around a dozen all up is not so bad.

But you could have left some in the sea as there none at Southport, Maslins or Sellicks this morning, just one lone ST at Pt Willunga.

I agree with Bjorn too - nice beanie :)

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Thanks guys.


There's definitely seems to be more fish around, a couple other blokes on the beach said there were heaps more salmon caught there on Saturday. They seem to be moving around a lot and not schooled up very much, might have to try getting out for a sunrise session. ;)


And it is a great beanie, although I must admit it wasn't really beanie weather yesterday, I put it on for the comp photo, need to get a strikehook cap for warmer weather. B)

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I'm still trying to find them with limited time off available at the moment . . . well played Mate :)


Thanks mate, used one of your nifty little ike jime spikes to subdue my catch.


It's a bit of a crap shoot as to where they'll be on any given day, just happened to get lucky this time.

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