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Northern Silver

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Well have managed a couple trips out on the northern flats for the month so far and got into good fish both times.


First time was out was 2nd August with my friend who's now on the site as TommisnSalmon chucking lures and getting into some good fish holding fairly close in over broken lumpy ground. No Strikehook gear for the comp though.




Weather was crap with rain and moderate winds but we managed to position ourselves upwind of some schools and got into fish from just over legal up to the 40's.


Then got away again on Saturday 15th with Underpants and his mate Blackdog3. Was out pretty early and the weather was fantastic for it early in the morning. Even had to strip off some of my insulation as I was getting a bit cooked when the sun was out. There was a lot of early morning fog which was interesting to fish in being able to see nothing but the water and grey cloud around us.




Was plenty of interesting life around the place.




Lots of activity everywhere. Was a small group of dolphins close in chasing fish in knee to waist deep water making huge bow waves and birds hovering overhead looking for scraps.




We got into fish fairly quickly. I was trying out some new lures, in particular a Savage Gear 2.5" Manic Shrimp which worked was working great on the little salmon trout but didn't land anything special. Underpants quickly got into some good fish with soft plastics.






We moved further out while Blackdog3 stayed behind which was a solid move on his part as further out in the sort of channel and gutter systems where normally good fish school up we struggled to get a hit. I managed a couple of good follows from salmon trout and some nice sized snook but no commits and Underpants managed to net some solid squid but as for the good salmon schools they were absent, holding again in the lumpy broken ground further in where there was no clear channels or gutter systems, just sandy holes with scattered high lumps of weedy patches.


We headed back to that area spotting some nice rays, one right up on shallow flats waving its wings in the air and a massive one that came right up to my feet to check me out. Underpants also manhandled a huge Pt Jackson that kept trying to eat the catch in his keepnet! Those things are like badly behaved puppies sometimes.




Managed to get into some good fish myself, switching over to a 68mm black-chrome Shimano Waxwing fitted with a quality single hook. I find this a great searching lure as it casts like a metal but can be fished with a slower hardbody like action and with the single I find it to be a bit more weed resistant than a metal as the 'wings' push floating weed up and away from the body a little when pulled through.






Was a good days out fishing with company, hopefully can find time to get out again with the fly rod next time. And to finish off Underpants sent through a pic of his cleaning table once he got the fish he kept home:



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They have been pretty consistent up north for me so far, had no troubles finding some to get into.


Got into a few on surface lures as well once I found the schools and they were pretty willing takers. Was great fun chucking a scum dog walker over the top of the schools and having it savagely attacked the entire retrieve from the time it landed by the school.


But most of the best ones have been hooked on plastics. Single hooked metals and the Shimano waxwings have been great searching patterns for locating the schools. Hard to throw anything sinking with a treble around due to all the weed about the place.


Was disappointed I didn't manage to get those snook to take a bite, they were nice sized ones and followed to my feet.

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Cool! Been waiting for your report.


A new PB Pt Jacko  for me, must have been 1m+ :D. Does it count as 'hand caught'  and not rod&line?


A few little ones succumbed to the popper but all 40+cm STs on my last lot of 110mm Flickbaits and 1/4oz jig heads. Going to use 3.75&5in Zmans next time. Gulps are to soft and get smashed here.

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For that Keenfisho I think they need to either have it in summer for the yellowfin or Bjorn needs to add StrikeHook waders to the store!


Very true mate but I think most people who would turn up would have waders already


Another month and i recon ill just about game the wetsuit. Waders suck-diddily-uck!


Ive done many summer sessions in nylon pants (UV protection) but prefer an longjohn (open shoulder) wetsuit any day.

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