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I thought all Salmon had gone, but nope... not all of 'em

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I have been wondering lately, especially over the last week, to whether the salmon have actually disappeared.

Many of us have had dreadful times in trying to find them and to even catch the bugga's.


Lately I have been heading down to Maslin Beach because it is only 5minutes from my house - so it is convenience more than anything.


I've walked up and down that beach luring only and expecting something due to some good catches about 3 - 4 weeks ago.


But on the last 6 or so occasions of going there morning and afternoon I came home with nothing....again !


So I checked the tides for today and wondered about going to waits with a north/east and high tide about 2pm. 


But first at 7pm, I left home and head to Maslin's first for the out going tide for one more shot.


Slight ripple on the water and quite brisk.


The sun coming up and shining on the cliffs and about to pock its head onto the beach.






But this had been washed up ....a barracuda, about 1.2mtrs long !!  I thought a first it was a big snook but those large upper teeth gave it away.






But no touches as usual, so off the Port Willunga and nothing either except for a couple of other fishermen - and they didn't stay long.


Ok, now to Waits and Parson and will be there about 2 hours before high tide and went to Parsons first.


Looked beautiful from the top but not many gutters showing up, some seem to have 'gone'.




I was disappointed nothing attacked my lure for the walk to the end, so pondered about attempting from the rocks...snags, losing lures, slippery, getting washed out to sea etc.


But thought don't be pathetic and give it a go.







Picking the right spot to cast and bang, a solid hit and with a wave coming in I could see another 4 trying to attack the lure.


Maneuvered the salmon around the rocks best I could but it was fighting hard.  Got the salmon (about 1kg) to the rocks about 1m below me but heavy to lift up and as doing so it dropped :censored:


The next half hour of luring for them and they had disappeared.


So walked backed to head off to Waits (and cursing most of the way).


(btw, the steps to the sand at Waits have been closed off - you know, the steps with the big jump from the last step. Need to walk to left to get down - working sorting it out).


So now high tide was nearly in, so do I go right or left ...... left it was.... and decided to go where a chap had bagged out on our August S&H Salmon day.


Walking to this point there were other fishers using baits but had not caught anything.  A few of them mentioned they were losing baits to crabs, so must have been a few around.


Got to the spot and first cast this happens. (And mind you it was a little tricky holding rod and taking a photo by yourself).


100_3846.JPG 100_3851.JPG 


And this was result- just touching 50cm.




I had been using a 40g Stinger with a single hook leading up to here, but changed to the chrome 3 hook (incidentally, the lure was from The Fishing Guru, so everyone should get his lures...they work) :headbang:



Most casts were getting hit and mostly by ST's .


Before to long, another good fight from another Salmon - about 40cm.


Another 40cm hit and was at my feet and dropped off only for a wave to come in and it was gone :facepalm:


And no joke, as one of those pacific gulls was watching and waiting, it gave out its 'voice' and it really sounded like it was laughing at me - so told it to :censored: off, but it didn't.


So not a bad ending to the day, a nice catch - kept a few ST's to do some patties ;) â€‹


100_3857.JPG 100_3858.JPG



Hope you enjoyed the (loooong) read.

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Beaut fish!


Good to see you getting some good ones from the beach. Personally I still love rocks, beaches have continued their disappointment and annoyance for me with getting sand everywhere for no fish..


How far to the left did you go? Down to that reefy bit where we were nailing the little trouties on the S&H day?

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Hi doobie


Your "barracuda" isn't a barracuda. I think you will find it's a Southern Frostfish (Lepidopus caudatus).

Here is a link found after just a quick search:




Interesting find, nonetheless...





I think you are right af, it is a Southern Frostfish.


Comparing the top fin, the Barracuda seems to have 2 separate fins whereas the SF has the fin running all along the top.


The SF has very sharp teeth (like the barracuda) as when I opened the mouth up one of the teeth jabbed me and drew blood !!


Thanks for clearing that one up :)


A great report there Doobie! What a day of salmon fishing. That spot down at Waits must be THE go to spot I reckon. Cool to see you used the Guru's lures and scored :)


Yes the spot has proven well on 2 occasions that we know of, but I was the only one down that way.  All others where within about 100m of the steps.


And thought I better give Guru a little plug :)

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You do that Boomer.

I'm no expert on fishing for what, when or where, but down South there are a lot of nice places to fish and some great scenery as well.

Depending where/when you ever go, just consider those Southerly winds - they can really spoil the day.

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