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Preserved tuna

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Had a crack at preserving tuna this arvo. It is a little time consuming but tastes great and can be kept for over a year so perfect for when you have plenty of tuna.

Ingredients are sea salt, water, Italian mixed herbs, olive oil and tuna.

All you do us boil large chunks of tuna in a salt water solution which is 35 grams of salt to one litre of water.

Once the tuna is cooked flake it into sterile jars, cover with oil and some herbs to taste. Boil your jars for a couple of hours to complete sterilisation process. Apparently it gets to it full taste potential after 1 month in the jar but damn it tastes great straight up. Perfect for on crusty bread or in pasta.


post-11093-0-17575100-1455019172.jpg  post-11093-0-23810300-1455019227.jpg


post-11093-0-70064200-1455019273.jpg  post-11093-0-91314500-1455019622.jpg

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