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Pickled squid

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Here's a recipe for pickled squid that i use for pickling all the left over bits such as the flaps and tentacles.Its easy as but the squid takes a little bit of preparation before you start.First up i like to freeze the squid so you can pickle it when you want and also it breaks up the structure of the squid to make it more tender.Then i like to peel the skin off the flaps and chop up the tentacles(even the bit behind the head is tasty).Now to make up the brew here's what you need

white vinegar 1 litre

lemon juice a decent splash

crushed garlic 1 teaspoon

chilli 1 teaspoon

1 bottle of praise italian dressing

black pepper

mixed italian herbs 1 teaspoon


now put all of it in a saucepan and bring to the boil and chuck in your first batch of squid bits and bring back to the boil for 1 minute and then remove the squid,if you have anymore chuck that in and do the same etc etc this adds flavour to the brew as well as blanching the squid.


now chop up the squid into bits


This is "important" you must let the pickling mixture cool right down or it will overcook your squid

when cool chuck the squid in jars and pour the mixture over the top put in the fridge and resist the temptation to sample your squid for 4 days then get stuck in,you can add more chilli or pepper etc but don't use salt or it will toughen your squid.......Enjoy


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Playing with all the above receipts to work out which I like the best but running out of jars. Has anyone tried keeping pickled squid in sealed plastic containers? Is there an issue with storing in plastic containers?

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wow, that sounds interesting - will give that a go also -  made Brenton's but made up the italian dressing from scratch and it was pretty dammed good.  bit of honey and ginger could be a go - thanks worn-out.   I have quite a bit from the last trip so keen to get it pickled.

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