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Vintage Big Shark Fishing

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Hi All. If any one is interested there are some awsome news paper clippings and photos of Great White Pointer Fishing  with Alf Dean  during the 1950,s at Ceduna and Streaky Bay.

The site is Ceduna Old Photos which is on Face book and is put together by some local ladies as a history of the Ceduna area. 

There are also additional fishing photos in the archives. Cheers.

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Its  history, please dont shoot me down in flames JMO....the human race was uneducated in those times... a big thing in mankind is the greatest mindset to be No 1 and , in the US it was Bears,In Africa it was  Rhinos Elephants,Leoapards and whatever... but  in hindsight what was the point in going out and killing the supreme predator of the ocean ,just to stand at a gantry  with it hanging upside dead.......

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