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Ive always wanted to get a couple of 'bigger' bream in the onk on soft plastics/hardbodies. Having mainly fished hardbodies and weedless plastics around snags in the old noarlunga parts in the warmer months ive never come across anything bigger then late 20's.


I decided to hit the onk in the kayak to sound around and find some deeper parts as i have heard that as the day goes on the bream go deep. The past few weeks i did 5 sessions, morning, afternoon and midle of the day.


So first session i kayaked around with the fishfinder found some deep parts around river road. And some bits that drop off going south towards seaford. So it was a start for that area. Paddled to south road bridge afterwards remembering some likely spots aswell.


Had a land based flick one morning the other weekend and pulled one 33cm at sheep pilons and a little tacker. Got my first mulloway on sp's aswell 😃


As winter came to an end i actually concentrated in bits that were about 700mm to a 1.5m deep and found more bream waiting in these areas. I would drift over these areas looking at my sounder finding schools bunched up paddle to the bank and cast over them. If i was fishing plastics a would cast against the tide and bring my plastic back with it for a more realistic presentation. Hardbodies i would cast whatever way. I found the hidden weight jigheads by TT worked a more finesse presentaion and got more fish. Got 5-7 fish a session. Biggest went 39cm! Almost got my goal of 40cm. It will come soon. Heres a veiw pics. Happy fishing






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Nice one dan, there are some good looking holes in the Onk via sounder though I have not managed to catch much within the depth itself but nearby it in the shallows/flats/rocks.  I got lucky on my first Onk session land based with a 40cm a few years ago on hb. Yet to beat 37cm with sp let alone an Onk mulloway there, Good luck in future target's  :)

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Love your work mate.

Only fished the Onk a few times now and haven't nailed anything over 35cm.

Did hear of a 42cm bream getting pinned recently, and the big breeders will be moving through soon.

Been hearing of some big sea run bream moving into the St Kilda channel recently, so am guessing they will start moving in the Onk at the same time.

Nice mulloway too.

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