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What's your favourite squid recipe?

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Your FIL's recipe sounds tasty FROSTONE1.


I ended up cooking the pasta dish, which turned out amazing. I used onion, garlic, tomatoes, chilli, wine, chicken stock and a small amount of fresh herbs. Mixed it through fettuccine and chucked a bit of Parmesan and parsley on top. Put me in the good books! Gonna prep the rest as calamari dusted in a mild curry powder, flour and S&P.

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Can't go wrong with pasta mate sounds fantastic I also like it in a pasta with prawns and scallops with a white garlic sauce with sweet chilli mixed in with spring onion and parsley to garnish.

Might have to go out in the morning and try for some squid now I'm getting hungry

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S&P. Hands down :worthy: . The Holy Grail of squid dishes, when done properly.

  • using opened tubes, cross cut with a knife & and pat dry.
  • roll in spiced corn flour, dip in beaten egg whites and then flour again.
  • deep fry!

Spice mix something along the lines of: salt, black & sezchuan peppers, garlic, onion & chilli powders, Chinese 5spice........ 


A lot of work but major nom noms :wub:


The Old Lady's ordered this for Xmas entree ......bagged 6 squid last Saturday (y). I'll just have to go easy on the margaritas if I'm deep frying squid only :blink: .

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I must try that recipe again, I didn't have all the ingrediants to do it properly but looks good.

So far though I can't beat crumbed and deep fried, but usually done in a pan and turn over.  We usually soak the squid in milk.

Apron and safety glasses advisable.  Any tips on minimising that spitting?



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Lads, for something a bit different I made stuffed tubes using a bruschetta mix and the tentacles. Bruschetta mix:

- Punnet of grape tomatoes halved lengthways,

- Half a red onion chopped,

- Firm unmarinaded danish feta cubed or crumbled,

- Fresh basil leaves, roughly torn;

- 1 clove garlic, minced or finely chopped;

- Tentacles from squid, fried and chopped,

- Sliced, pitted kalamata olives (optional).

Mix all that together, bung it in the tubes, shut the ends with toothpicks, and grill them on the BBQ. Drizzle w balsamic cream. Turned out a treat for a recipe I made up on the fly!

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