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Sashimi Meal Tonight

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Thought I would share my meal tonight, it was so refreshing. :wub:


I did the whole Japanese recipe. Tuna, salmon, 2 different  Wasabi's, Sushi / sashimi soya sauce, fresh ginger (grated) and pickled and very finely shredded cucumber with red and black caviar.  All washed down with wared Sake. 


Super clean and healthy for a change.


Sashimi Meal Tonight 001.JPG


Almost feel healthy.

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What time do you want me round panga?

What is the difference with the wasabi's?

FRESH TUNA I haven't caught a tuna since august :rolleyes:

Should only be a few weeks now :fish:

One is powder (my favourite) because it is authentic and ALOT stronger and you also get a real INSTANT clean kick so to speak.


Doobie there was a fork on standby but I stayed true as it just completed and did justice to my night's meal.

Oh and "dobbie" I will be back in Adelaide on the 14th (Dec) and going back on the next day so call me re the GoPro.

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