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Been playing around with my 3.3hp outboard for the Canoe (aka Mully Magnet) . I had a broken thread on the motors original tank but i also wanted a bigger tank as it is really hard to re-fill the little 1.5ltr tank while you are bobbing around on the water . So what i have done is i put a fuel line in with primer bulb and fuel pump to a T piece and then a fuel return for the pressured fuel so it doesn't blow the carby apart and then a feed near the carby to draw fuel that it needs from the third part on the T . Works a treat and i cant wait to give it a crack . All i need to do now is replace the original fuel gauge and fuel outlet plate with a plate for my fuel in and out . I have bought the proper bits for the fuel plate with quick release connectors . Both different so one is only in and the other out and cannot be connected wrong . I should have enough range to get to England and back now . lol . This was also way cheaper than buying a new tank but as mentioned it will be a lot easier out on the water .





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      Did my good deed last week and volunteered for the Recfish , Reef design lab and Charles Sturt council Artificial reef deployment and construction for West Lakes . Was an interesting first day at the council putting the reefs together and even tho the 6 volunteers were split into 2 groups for two time slots i ended up staying and helping out for the whole day . They went together fairly easily and was interesting to be so hands on . Some extra tools would of been handy but we managed with what we had , lol . I took the camera along to get some footage of the second day being the deployment of the 12 Reefs which sat at different levels in the water , they were also put in 4 groups of 3 and hopefully this will encourage the fish to be more mobile between the  reefs . Also had my go pro for some underwater footage and i hope to get back for some updates on growth over the next couple of years . Any way , i hope you enjoy the video .