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Territory Lad

Bream Lures - Trebles vs In-line single hooks

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After some advice / thoughts.


Given my fishing is currently purely C&R, I put high priority on releasing the fish with as little impact as possible. Using SPs its not an issue as 9 times out of 10 the hook comes out with minimal fuss. However almost every fish I have landed on a HB I have had issues with. Issues ranging from the trebles being difficult to remove to the 2nd treble latching into the fish's eye, gills, face and causing more damage. 


Over the weekend, over two separate sessions I landed a handful of small bream, each of HBs. In each instant the the rear treble lodged in the mouth and the 2nd / front treble lodged in the face of the fish. More often than not in the eye. Thinking back, this also occurred with other species. 


If I was keeping the fish of a feed I wouldnt be so concerned. What makes it a little more concerning for me is that added to the fact im doing this purely for C&R, is the fact these are undersized fish more often than not!


I spent the weekend thinking about ways to reduce the damage / make it easier and quicker to release the fish. I was originally looking at simply making all the trebles "barbless" by crushing the barbs. I used to do this Barra fishing in Darwin and found it had the desired result. However I then started to think about swapping out the trebles to single in-line hooks, The idea being the hook up should more often be in the mouth. Once hooked the drop / loss rate should be less. The single hook is stronger than the treble and as a bonus there should also be less snagging potential. My only concern is im not sure the in-line hooks are made for Bream sized lures.


My questions to those more experienced in this area than myself are:


1. Do these hooks come in a size suitable for Bream sized lures?


2. Does anyone else do this?


3. If you do it, is it worth it?


Thanks in advance Hookers.

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I have managed to get some very small inline hooks, which I have put on my small HB's for whiting, Work a treat.


I grabbed a few packs of them from size 1 down to size 10, all proper inline hooks. Will need to go and look at the brand, so you could see if some of the fishing gear sponsors can get them for you.


I did buy these online, but was a local bloke, who actually hand delivered them to me...saved postage, as he was in the area.


I think he is down south .. ??


Will get back to this for you.



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For  Territory Lad , as promised , here is a picture of 3 of the "small in-line hooks" I use to replace trebles on my small lures.



Inline Hooks.jpg



You can see the Model Number on the top.. 329406 ...404 , so the bigger ones would be 329401 ...


I have them from Size 1 down to size 12 ..... very good hooks .. haven't seen any other brands, so can't comment on them, other than these Gamakatsu's.


And for those with a keen eye , yes, these packs are un-opened .. as the others are in small clip bags with only marker pen.


So, hope this gets you sorted out, and perhaps some tackle sponsors have these in stock.




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I use the same hooks on my lures.
Single hooks are harder for fish to dislodge
You may miss some hits not having 6 hooks but I think less dropped fish
I missed 6 good tommies on tues on new tiny sharp trebles just spat hooks on way in:angry: will be replacing with singles
Be aware that hook sizes & change of drag in water may effect the swimming action

A trick I learnt with tuna lures is to only put a hook on the belly to increase action 
Or only on the tail facing up for weedless for flathead etc
I have caught 4 tuna in one day on 70 mm yozuri mag minnow replacing the single hook each time VERY Lucky 

Having a friend with swimming pool or access to water helps tune lures

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Bit of an update. 


I fitted two of my HBs with single hooks, making sure I had an identical HBs with trebles to use as the "control" in the experiment. 


I fitted out a Daiwa "Girken" with 2 x size 8 hooks and a Daiwa Double Clutch with 2 x size 4 hooks. 




After testing both of these, the action seemed ok, however I had issues with the hooks on both set ups. The size 8's were too big and tangled with each other more often than not when twitching the lure. The size 4's were also too big, but for a different reason. When twitching the lure, the middle / belly hook would foul itself on the head of Double Clutch. 


To rectify the "Girken" I removed the middle / belly hook and simply run a tail hook only.





Works GREAT! Action is better and the Bream seem happy to have a crack at it. Whilst I dropped a few fish this morning with the above set up, those that stayed on were quickly released without harm. I also found that even though I had plenty of hits, it was only the bigger Bream that could fit the larger single hook in their mouth - a great side bonus as I get sick of releasing rat sized fish that get snagged on the smaller trebles.


With the Double Clutch, I have simply downsized the hooks from size 4 to size 6, keeping both the tail and belly hooks. I havent had a chance to test them though so I will see how this works out.


Will see how this experiment continues to work out over the coming months. 

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