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Spotters Prize Pack...

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Well I just received my Spotters Prize Pack in the mail today and what a great prize it is.. Great pair of Spotters Fury Black - Halide  sun glasses, sun glasses hold fast (so I don't lose them) a beautiful Spotters

t-shirt, Spotters baseball cap and a ripper car sunshade all of these prizes will be put to very good use too. Thanks again to  " SPOTTERS & STRIKE & HOOK " for putting up the prizes for the month of March & also I'm wrapped I won the March Spotters Comp.

Can't wait to find a bit of time to hit a river and give the spotters a go, plus I'll wear the cap and take a selfie too.. :D


So guys get your April reports going and don't forget to take your camera with you too as photos always go well with any  fishing report..





Spotters prize pack. 2017.JPG

Great Spotters Prize Pack.

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Here you go, managed to get 90 minutes in the river late this afternoon while Pam rested..


took the selfie with the Spotters Fury sunglass & strap as well as wearing the Spotters cap while making my way past a fallen tree in the river. (report yet to come)..





IMG_3887 (Medium).JPGIMG_3888 (Medium).JPG

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