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The last of a great little lure...

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I heard the Daiwa were not producing the Gekkabijin Yoguri lure any more, well the small ones that I use any way which are the 4F models (42mm/ 2gm) floating hard body lures. So I rang Daiwa Australia to confirm it and they said "That's correct, they're being discontinued and they have 15 left in stock. If want them I'd have to be quick and get hold of a Daiwa seller and get them to get them in for me. Well I was quickly on the phone and was lucky enough to get twelve of the Ghost Brown ones that I use from Daiwa.. so i do have some nice trout lures to see me out for a while proving I don't get busted off too often like I did towards the end of the trout season when I lost two in two trips, then broke the bib of the only surviving ghost brown one. Now what's left of them are probably in tackle shops around the country..These were selling from $17-95 to $22-95 each and I picked them up for $11-95 ea which I was very happy with.. also came with free postage too..  :D




IMG_4131 (Medium).JPG

IMG_4132 (Medium).JPG

The last 12 available from Daiwa..

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That actually explains a lot. I use these as well and had noticed about 2 months ago the price dropped from $20 to $10 in all local tackle stores. It might not be the only ones they are discontinuing either, as the same tackle stores had a few of there other smaller ones discounted to the same price. 

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Daiwa are doing a massive clearout getting ready for this Seasons AFTA show to release the new daiwa products that are getting put onto the market. Generally now is a good time to pick up specials as they change item lines every 3 months to keep things fresh and updated

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