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B & W Photos, there's just something about them..

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As much as I like photos full of colour I also have a liking for black & white photos as there's just something to like about them..


maybe it's because they bring back some good memories of days gone by when all photos were in black and white and even sepia...


Today's cameras bring out the best in black and white too... Any way here's a few to start with and I'll add to the list every so often..


The bottom ones are of me when I was a little fella.. boy that was quite some time ago..





6.01am Meander River, Meander. (4-1-16) (Large).JPG

5-4-17 Sunset, Sheffield. (Large).JPG

6-10am Mersey River, Merseylea. 2017 (Large).JPG

6-10pm  Mersey River at Merseylea. 12-4-17 (Large).JPG

6-Dairy cows at Meander.(18-12-15) (Large).JPG

7.50am Meander River, Meander.(4-1-16) (Large).JPG

8.53 am in the fog at Meander. (26-4-16) (Large).JPG

23 (Large).JPG

0104 (Large).JPG

600 gm brown taken here, drift & spin did the job, Mersey River. 2017 (Large).JPG

A flower feeding March fly.. (Large).JPG

A large group of orange fungi, Merseylea.(27-4-16) (Large).jpg

A very low Mersey River, Weegena. (19-3-14) - Copy (Large).JPG

Adrian Webb, Mersey River, Kimberley.(20-1-15) (Custom) (Large).JPG

Adrian, Meander River.. 10-3-17 (Large).JPG

All gold again, Minnow river brown. 30-4-17 (Large).JPG




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The black & Whites certainly do take on another dimension of a photo.  I particularly like the 3rd (bridge) and 8th (mountain).


And that's a fairly big fat football your holding.


That big old football came over from Victoria, it was one of many I got as a kid from my uncle who was then the secretary of the Footscray Football Club back then..




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Here's a few more B&W's...





April sunset at Sheffield. 2017 (Large).JPG

April sunset..

Beautiful Autumn Colours at Cradle Mt. (Large).jpg

Cradle Mountain..

Beautiful conditions, Meander River, Meander. 24-3-17 (Large).JPG

Beautiful conditions on the Meander River..

Beautiful sunset, Mersey River, Mole Creek. (Large).JPG

Sunset, Mersey River below the Union Bridge..

Bullrushes & Dylan's Bridge, Weegena.(30-1-15) (Large).JPG

Dynan's Bridge at Weegena before it was washed away by June floods in 2016

Clouds over Kimberley.  2017 (Large).JPG

Storm clouds at Kimberley..

Cattle, Dad & junior.(25-9-15) (Large).JPG

Cows in Paddock at Weegena..

Cobweb & droplets (Large).jpg

Cobweb on a cool morning at Meander..

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