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Sweet chilli prawns

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As a retired chef (amongst other things), one of the most popular dishs on my menu was a simple sweet chilli prawn dish served on rice.


So simple it's stupid!


In a frypan add a tub of cream, pinch of chicken stock powder, splash of white wine for the pan and a big slug for yourself, and a couple of good shakes out of the sweet chilli sauce bottle.

Bring to boil then let it reduce till thick and yummy.

Once ready use another frypan really hot, splash of olive oil, dob of butter then throw in shelled raw tiger prawns, flip the pan around a bit so they don't stick, turn once , don't overcook the buggers( you want to leave them a bit opaque in the middle, so they still have a nice crunch).

Rip them out of the pan, arrange on your cooked rice the way you like to cook it then pour some sauce over the prawns and sit down with a nice bottle of white wine and enjoy 👌

(Don't give exact measures as it's to your taste how much chilli heat you like)


If I had a function on for 250 people and this was an entree choice I would make around 200 and no complaints to be had.

Cooked for the Clare Gourmet weekend at Eldridge winery one year and served around 950 serves on the one day. People were queued up for a long way. (I ended up pretty pissed on Lee Eldridge's Blue ribbon Shiraz by day's end, and had a great time at the pub after 😂😂😂)

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Sounds delicious Brutus. Dribbled on the laptop reading it :D . Might be tomorrow nights tea. Chucking a Castle Rock riesling in the fridge right now. Might make that two bottles just in case (y)

Hell, make it three bottles and have a party 😂😂😂👍

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Hey mate looks delicious! I have some peeled cooked prawns in the freezer, do you think it'll still make a cracking meal with them?

The sauce is the hero, so why not? Better with green prawns obviously but if that's all u have......

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Well Brutus, I might have cracked the first white a little early and overcooked the rice.....Oh, and the prawns :( . But the sauce was good. Will try again and take a pic this time. Being an ex-chef, you've probably got a few more " seafood dishes for dummies" I hope! Feel free to post them :D



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