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Chicken liver Pâté

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Pâté. Love it or hate it. I like it and the missus loves it which comes in..... handy ;) .


Most stuff you can buy is c**p, with a few, often expensive exceptions. So i set about making my own and it's actually pretty easy and freakin delicious.


I have evolved the following recipe from a few others to personal taste and final quantity:




250g cleaned chicken livers

75g butter

1/2 red onion, diced

1 small garlic clove, crushed

6 peppercorns

2 whole cloves

3 allspice berries

4 coriander seeds

3 anise stars

60ml port

60ml cream



60ml water

60ml port

1tsp gelatine power





  •  In a spice grinder/mortar & pestle grind: peppercorns, allspice, cloves and coriander seeds until fine and set aside.
  •  Melt 1/3 of the butter in a skillet over medium-high heat; when foam subsides, add onion & garlic, cook until softened. Add ground spices & anise when onions are nearly cooked.


  • Remove onion mix to heatproof bowl. Add another 1/3 butter to pan then livers; cook livers on one side until they begin to brown, about 2 minutes, then flip them and cook the other side. Be sure to keep heat relatively high so that the outside of livers sears and inside stays pink. Think ‘medium-rare’, you need that moisture.


  • Remove livers to bowl with onions. Add port to pan and use it to clean the pan.
  • Add to bowl with onion, livers and their buttery juices, remaining butter and cream.


  • When cool enough, purée mixture until it is smooth – food processor or barmix in the same bowl.


  • Scoop pâté in ramekins, smooth top. Set aside.


  • Combine the port and water in a small, heatproof jug/cup. Sprinkle the gelatine over the top and stand until the gelatine is softened. Heat in microwave and stir until gelatine has dissolved, and let it cool.
  • Slowly pour jelly on top the pâté, over the back of a spoon. Refrigerate for at least 2 to 3 hours or until fully set. Preferably a day or 2.


Serve with bread or crackers, cheese and a bottle of red. Enjoy :wub:

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But the port would never make it into the recipe 

that bottle would be gone by the time the onions had softened  :blush:


:P  Was waiting if anyone said something along those lines.


I'm not a huge fan of port, (give me a Pedro Ximenez, muscat or tokay and some dark chocolate :wub: ) but the flavour and sweetness balance works really well. Any cheap stuff is fine....if it helps prevent drinking it!


Have tried brandy & masala but want to my taste.

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Yes Barney, it's quite a simple one too...  I hope you can follow this, it's quite a simple recipe and one that's also very tasty too.. Pam won't eat it as she can't stand the thought of eating lambs livers, but she reckons it smells great..

When I make a batch of it I have to make a large one as there's a few friends here that are right into it and their partners won't eat it either, so I make it for them as well.


** What's required:   Two whole lambs fry,  two or thee large onions, 8 whole slices of bacon rashers, salt & pepper, Gravox,  one or two cups of plain flour placed in a plastic bag or sealed container. 


Soak liver in cold  water for a minimum of one hour then skin & rinse them under tap,  dry off with paper towel..  Slice across the liver so you have pieces the width of the liver and around 3/8th of an inch (6-8mms) thick.. 


While the liver is soaking, slice onions and cut bacon cross ways into chunky pieces then place in a large hot fry pan or electric fry pan with a layer of oil and cook until onion is soft. 

Remove onion & bacon and place in open bowl.


Now skin & rinse the livers under tap then dry with paper towel..  Slice across the liver so you have pieces the width of the liver and around 8-10 mms thick..  if livers are large you can cut wide strips in half.

Place the sliced liver into the bag or container and shake until all are covered in the flour, add more flour if needed..


Make sure there's at least 2-3 mms of oil covering the pan then place the liver pieces into hot oil and cook..

You may not get in all in at once so cook what you can fit into the pan, once cooked place cooked liver in with the onion & bacon.


Drain any excess oil from fry pan, do not scrape any of the flour etc from the pan, leave it there..

Now make gravy in the pan as per directions on the Gravox container, as it starts to thicken add the Liver, onions and bacon into the fry pan and lightly stir and mix ingredients in with the gravy..

Add salt & pepper to your own taste & more water to the gravy mix if required... Let it slowly simmer on low with the lid on for another 10 minutes, keep a check on it every so often while simmering as it will need a stir..





** PS: another way I have eaten the lambs fry is do the same preparation with the soaking, skining and slicing..


 instead of making a lambs fry with it I egg and bread crumb it and cook it in the fry pan.. it's just like eating a normal schnitzel.. & Pam still won't try it... :D

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Thanks Adrian, my Pam loves it and Milly the dog gets excited as soon as she smells the liver, begs for her share. Thanks also Underpants, will be trying your Pate.


Yeah dogs love cooked liver.


Whenever got a nice clean deer i'd save the heart, liver and kidneys for the fur kids. Nothing better than a cooked offal on top of that kibble.


Even tried it for pate once, just lacked the 'flavour' of chicken livers.

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Chicken Liver Pate and Lambs Fry & Bacon all in 1 post - really  :facepalm:  :huh:  :unsure:  :wacko:  :blink:


Each to their own I know and I'm glad you enjoy the "different" delicacies  .... but   ........ where's 'Ralph' ;)


:) Enjoy



Back when I was a kid I used to eat tripe, pigs trotters and crumbed lamb brains doobie... don't know if I could today.. :rolleyes:




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