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Odd find at Largs beach

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Hi Team. Came across this critter at Largs this morning while walking our dogs. I thought it was a very lost Morton Bay Bug! Apparently it is a Balmain Bug (Ibacus peronii). Never seen one before. Common? The dogs were not happy we let it go!:angry:





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On 11/13/2017 at 1:14 PM, gregtech said:

Off topic Knackers, but how do you find your scallop beds. Passed on info or skilled sonar reading? Love my scallops but never had any luck metro.

On scuba or hookah tow a diver behind the boat on a ski rope at idle. If the water is clear the scallops usually sit on the silty banks that run between white sand holes or runs. Generally speaking you won't find them where there is a heap of tape weed. Have a dive around semaphore reef. They are around the tyre reef as well but that from memory is 50 - 60 foot deep.

Once you find a patch you'll be able to recognise the bottom they prefer.

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