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OnkaStomper 12

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Just thought I'd put this info up for OnkaStomper 12 Fishing Competition being held this Sunday (November 12th, 2017).


Date - Sunday 12 November

Time - 7am - 12pm followed by presentations
Location - Perrys Bend Onkaparinga River (River Road, Noarlunga Downs)
Entry Fee - Donation to Childhood Cancer of your choice (Generosity encouraged for this great cause)
Registration - Upon Arrival
Rules and Fishable Area - explained upon registration but due to past numbers I am restricting fishing to 1 rods per person as I cannot extend the fishable area

Everyone who attends and donates receives a ticket into the many random draws for prizes. Attendees can have a stompa bumper sticker made from marine grade vinyl if they wish 1f642.png🙂

Categories -
Biggest Overall Bream (Onkastompa Champion)
Biggest Bream Men
Biggest Bream Women
Biggest Bream Junior 15<
Biggest Mulloway (Open Class)
Biggest "Other Fish" Senior
Biggest "Other Fish Junior 15<

BBQ and Drinks available with every cent going to the cause so please bring your thirst and hunger

For Sale Table - Fishing and other goods will be for sale at AMAZING prices, again with every cent going to the cause. Card facilities available

Merchandise - Hoodies, Polos, Hats and Beanies ARE AVAILABLE NOW - scroll down page to find the relevant post or check out the PAGE SHOP - These can be ordered and will be available to use/wear before the day.

Jumping Castle (weather permitting)

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Hi Doobie,

I'm thinking of having a go at this event as it's a great cause but I have a few questions.

Is this comp land based only?

What do you mean by fishing area, Perrys Bend? Does that mean I can't launch my kayak at Perrys Bend, catch up or down the river a bit then weigh in in time at Perrys Bend?


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Beat me to it Doobs!

@AuusieDave I'm not sure I've seen anyone fishing in a yak as it's pretty much that chockers you would get hit by flying sinkers and plastics if you were in the river.

Here you can watch a small video that you may have seen on TV recently on SA Weekender featuring Mark Mills talking about the OnkaStompa.

More info about the Onkastompa can be found at the website www.onkastompafishingcomp.com and at the OnkaStompa Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/OnkaStompaFishingComp

A few of us from Strike Hook will be running the BBQ so come and say G'day :) 

Anyone who might be able to help lend a hand at the BBQ on the weekend let me know as we can always use another set of hands.

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40 minutes ago, AuusieDave said:

Cheers Bjorn,

I reckon it'll be shoulder to shoulder, good luck guys.

I might turn up to make a donation and have a snag, see where I decide to go fishing.


same lol ill prob turn up to give a donation and grab a snag..as for fishing not to sure.

its a great cause guys the more they raise the better

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For those who aren't sure where the OnkaStompa is I have included a link to GoogleMaps. The usual parking area will be blocked for the volunteers to use during the day but parking can be found at either end of the boardwalk. Parking near the main bbq/park area is across the road. You can also find parking along the road in some parts.

GoogleMaps link https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Boardwalk/@-35.1578537,138.497093,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x6ab126a5df8e9125:0xba074597b4b5f4a2!2sRiver+Rd,+Noarlunga+Downs+SA+5168!3b1!8m2!3d-35.1613407!4d138.5007068!3m4!1s0x6ab12697d88333e3:0x97ab85da1f978b23!8m2!3d-35.1573736!4d138.4986882


The main gathering area looks like this...


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On 06/11/2017 at 6:48 PM, Panga said:

I will show up but because it is Joy's (the boss) birthday it will be a great and meet for me. But I might be able to buy some stuff and make a donation anyway. :)

Where are ya mate? Was looking forward to meeting fellow strike hookers! Especially site sppnsors!

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1 hour ago, southie THE BANGA said:

Where are ya mate? Was looking forward to meeting fellow strike hookers! Especially site sppnsors!

All was good until We went out for Japanese at Sushi Q on Goody Rd last night and so not enough time, energy to do the prep work for our guests = Panic :o this morning. Joy and her sister were planning a Lebanese banquet for 13 people but timing went to poo.

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OnkaStompa 2017 was off to an early start yesterday as it always is. A total of around 238 entrants and approximately 298 in attendance. It was a hot day but people still came out and enjoyed a family day of fishing and fun.

The total raised throughout the year and announced on the day was $24,760 with that number to be topped up a little when every last cent was counted. Well the grand total ended up being an astounding $25,181.60.

The official results...

Champion - Brett Haslett Bream 44.5cm and Mens Title

Women - Lisa Solly Bream 28cm

Junior - Christina Fontanot 39.5cm

Mulloway - Caleb Maunder 61.5cm

Other Fish Senior - Peter Hayesman Mullet 35cm

Other Fish Junior - Beatrice Nash Mullet 24.5cm

The BBQ although a bit quiet compared to other years went well with the Strike Hook crew at the helm. Just look at this bunch of legends!received_10214378346082626.jpeg

We have Kidney Slapper, Myself, Southie the Banger, Doobie and The Fishing Guru who was an official on the day. A huge thank you to the guys for helping out with the BBQ and continuing the Strike Hook BBQ tradition.


Nigel another legend who has helped at the Bunnings BBQs couldn't make it but still managed to drop in and drop off a very well received frozen drink for us.


While in the BBQ area most of the time, I tried to get out and take a few pics of what else was going on during the day. A few of natures freakiest creatures made an appearance and one of the locals decided it was too boring and just slept all day.






It was great to be part of and so good to put the feet up afterwards.

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thanxs southie i must say it was a great day amongst great people. i was also glad to finally put  faces to alot of these names.

it was great to see a few hookers out there fishing too. overall a perfect day out with a great outcome for a great cause.

most importantly a massive thanxs to bjorn doobie and southie for making me feel like part of the team from the minute i got there.

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Well done to all concerned, all for a great cause too..  With $25,181.60 raised over the past year is a top effort that's for sure.

Good to see several site members there getting involved with the fund raiser & helping out, so well done to you guys and a big pat on the back to you all.



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