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How to catch crabs from a jetty/landbased - The Fishing Guru

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    • By Bernmeister
      A bloke at work had this photo sent to him from his BIL in Pirie, I'm calling BS. Thoughts?

    • By The Fishing Guru


      Seemed like a great idea at the the time. I jumped at the suggestion of heading out with a mate as the wind was looking to be minimal and after all, I am still yet to catch a salmon this season. Seriously, if we head to Waits they will all be surfing the waves at Morgans . . . a Sellicks trip will guarantee the fish are at Southport . . . if we then tried to chase them at Southport, they would head up to Moana and a couple of Goolwa Beach runs have proven unsuccessful also.

      Starting to think there is actually a mole in the schools, who's sole purpose is to keep a lookout for the Guru and warn the others lol.



      Anyhoos, arrived on location at the standard ungodly hour and was absolutely blown away by the image in front of me. It is a very rare occasion that I would consider the Onk to be an 'AMAZING' photographic specimen but . .



      . . Wow. With the full moon above the Surf Club, the footbridge lit up perfectly and the fact that there was absolutely no surface movement on the water whatsoever. I just really wish I had my SLR to capture it properly, as the Samsung camera does not do the scene justice.



      aaaaaaaand back to Salmon again. So the weather conditions were perfect (a little too perfect?) Barely a light breath of wind, cold but not "holy crap, my testicles are completely frozen" cold and the swell was tame enough to allow us to get out onto the sand bar at high tide, where we then proceeded to take a couple of snaps and make a few jokes comparing ourselves to a certain Mesiah.

      My mate was already out when I arrived, trying on baits with no success exept for a couple of pickers cleaning him out so we both progressed to flicking lures off the sand bar.



      After what seemed like an eternity (in reality, probably only 20 minutes or so) my mate finally hooks up on a little troutie. You beauty I thought, finally some fish and as he was unhooking that specimen, I also had a little one hooked up. Unfortunately I lost mine at the water line as he managed to shake the hook right at the very second I went to grab him (still on the sandbar at this stage)

      Another 20 or so minutes later and my mate pulls another one out and that was literally it for the day. All up, my mate found 2 juveniles around the 27cm mark and my Salmon Drought contiues



      Absolutely awesome morning for it though . . . maybe next time
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