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My offshore life jacket alterations

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Hi guys,


I had the day off work yesterday as I had an electrician at my house replacing the meter board and after he left I went down to Yamaha Pitmans Marine on Main North Road to see if they could help me with some alterations to my offshore life jacket.

As my biggest fear when out on the water is losing contact with my yak, if this ever happens I want to make sure that I have my PLB and handheld VHF radio with me, what I wanted doing is some straps sewn on at about the collar bone to hold my marine radio on my left collar bone and my PLB on my right collar bone and for these alterations to be robust enough to handle the salt water environment and be strong enough that they don't break if the air-bag ever goes off.

I was directed out the back to talk to the guy who makes/alters their canopies who kindly did the alterations and all he wanted in return was that I catch a 30kg SBT from my yak so I said I'd mention his great service online.


A strap with velcro on the left to hold the PLB and a strap for the alligator clip of the handheld VHF on the right.


All set to go, well when I go offshore I tend to wear my normal life jacket under this one as my normal life jacket is as much a utility belt to me as it's a life jacket so they'll sit a little higher.


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