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low tide jetty/ river fishing

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I occasionally have some time for a fish in between kids school drop off and pick up some days but unfortunately this usually means its usually low tide (start fishing around 10am). Would love to fish at the ideal times but these times don't align with other responsibilities so i try to make the best of the time i have.

I am south of Adelaide, where would be the most productive place to target at low tide eg. noarlunga jetty, the river or beach? I am only targeting bread and butter fish like tommies, ST, gar and squid.

are there any techniques to use at low tide that improve your chances?

Fishing to me is getting out there regardless but a small feed always makes the day better!

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Low tide wading is one of my favorite ways to fish:D

Enables you to cover a lot of ground and find any structure where the fish might be holding that you cant usually reach.

Im not overly familiar with the Southern area. You mention Noarlinga - try around casting some slugs & SPs in and around the the Onk mouth. Otherwise i'm thinking Marino, Hallet Cove, Pt Willunga, Maslins, Sellicks, O'Sullies?

Basically anywhere where there is structure. Working the blue line is a great start but anywhere where there is structure; in and around holes, gutters, reef, broken ground etc.

Light tackle and predominantly lures readily land ST, tommies, squid, snook & flatties. Small worm SPs will land both yfw & kgw but you'll likely need bait for the gar. Could always wade out to the blue line and burley as usual for gar. Likely bring in tommies, gar and if your lucky - squid & snook too!


A bit of an idea of what i do:


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G'day Nick and what UP has mentioned is very good and some great tips.

I live down South and mostly fish from Pt Noarlunga jetty during Summer where you can get are good variety of fish.

Fishing the low tide doesn't bother me, but do prefer to have an incoming tide. That said, and if fish are on the slow side,once the tide turns then many time the fish come on the bite better.

From the jetty around low tide, you can get Gar (towards end of jetty with Gents - but drop a burley bucket in as well to bring them in), small tommies (but can be a nuisance at times) and squid (when water is clear helps and dodge tides the squid will be there too).

In the shallows you could get onto some Mullet, maybe YFW (and bream by the submerged rocks but not if water is out too far).

Some  good ST/Salmon of late using SP's about 1/3 way along.

Jetty to Onk river can get Mullet, YFW, ST's and good Salmon when they come in.

I don't fish the Onk, but see people fishing low tide, but they don't seem to have much water to play with imo. But they get YFW, Mullet, Bream and if very lucky a Mully.

Christies Beach each side of the outlet, can get ST, YFW and Mullet and the O'sullies breakwater Mullet, Bream, St and Gar.

The other beaches, Moana, Maslins and Pt Willunga have Mullet, occassional YFW, STs and Salmon.

You can Gar from all the beaches, but you need to burley (stick a rod holder into sand and put burley bucket to it - not with rope, use a clip for ease).

Hope that helps, but I reckon you'll need to burley up for all species to help cause :)

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The two blokes above have definitely covered a lot and give some good tips, so I would go by what they said definitely.

What I can say is that Squid are versatile in terms of tides, just make sure its more towards morning or more towards the afternoon, and even if its not, they're still available. They really are awesome fun and you don't have to spend much in catching them. Port Noarlunga Jetty is good, just cast out into the weed and retrieve out, use pinks, oranges and greens, or red and whites. Can be good fun for the kids also!

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