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Fishing Charters - Sport Fish?

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Hey all!

I've been contemplating going on a fishing charter here in good ol' SA.

I'm curious to know, is there a specific one that focuses on sport-fishing as such?

I'd love to get out and hook up a Kingy or Samson for a bit of fun.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated or if any of you have a boat big enough to go after something like that, I'd happily pay for fuel/food and chip in for any bait for the day.

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36 minutes ago, DeathCal said:

There isnt anything local that would target those species?

Thats a bit of a solo drive for me and I'm not comfortable in taking my littel Ford Laser all that way haha.

Basically you need to motor out onto the deep water bommies, reef ect where the kingies/sambos hang out, NW of KI, SW of lower Yorkes. Realistcally too far for a day trip charter directly out of Adelaide.

Sourthern Fishing Charters out of Wirrina - says they target Kingies & sambos?

Marion is 3.5-4hrs drive. Coffins is a long haul tho.

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I figure you're looking for something Metro mate.. but the only thing that's big on the Metro ones are Snapps really :wacko:

Your best bet in my opinion would be to travel down to Marion Bay and go out on a charter there, where theres some deeper water and therefore, bigger fish; lots of pelagics such as your Kingies. 

Have heard of some really great catches from down there of late!

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