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Replacing Double Clutch trebles

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Hey Guys,
After landing a few mulloway, flathead and small salmon on my double clutches it has become clear that as deadly sharp that these hooks are. They bend and snap after a few good fish. I currently own 8 double clutches and need to replace hooks on 6 of these.
Have heard the owners in the same size are a much stronger hook but are heavier.
I am sure many of you have had to replace these hooks so what has been your go to?




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Yeah those 'SASQWA' or something to that effect are sticky sharp but bend easily. I've always gone to owners and haven't found it affects action too much. However, the owners I used (size 10 ST36 BC) still bent out after a good session. So if you're changing hooks on the 75mm or less lures, maybe keep an eye on it after you get a lot of decent fish. Particularly the front treble; always seems to cop a hammering on mullys and such. 

(I know the treble was too small for the lure, it's just all I had one me at the time)



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On 12/03/2018 at 3:56 PM, SurfcaztR said:

Hi,you'll want the "Owner ST-36BC X size 10"

Model #..5636-011


I have found this is the way to go at least on the rear for 75's and often use size 12 of the same hook on the rear of the 60's Regards HBt.

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