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southie THE BANGA

Show us your Squid Jag Collection!

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Sorry boys. Had my Semi final for Basketball tonight and we lost by 1pt im still filthy but as promised here is my collection. 

I probably sold 50 or more a little while ago simply because i wasn't using them. 

Here are my Go to jags

My 2.0 and smaller jags


My go to 2.5 weighted jags



My spares and heavier ones if i fish in deeper water 



I probably had easily 80 jags at one stage and all Decent quality to. But there was way to much $$$ Tied up that I wasn't using so they had to go to fund other fishing related items...

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That's more or less them. The ones I use are on the left, but even then there are only really the 4 that I have any confidence in. 


Red head Yozuri white I use off boats

Firetiger Daiwa I use land based Yorke's

Little brown Yamashita I use landbased metro and when squid are finicky as

Big 4.0 Salmon coloured Daiwa when the water is deep or there are a heap of bigger baitfish around. 


I don't really squid for the sake of squidding; only for bait or if they are around while I'm fishing. So a lot of my jigs are cheapies of years gone by, and I'll lend them to anyone who wants to just catch squid while I fish. 


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