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Vapour trail, has the pilot lost his bearings...

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I was sitting on the deck having a coffee & taking in a little Winter sun when I spotted the vapour trail of a Jet.. After watching it for a while it made a sharp turn then later on another sharp turn.. Not sure if it's a training run or he's just lost hid bearings...:blush:




View from the back deck..


Half zoom shot...

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42 minutes ago, doobie said:

Probably trying to find you fishing and get your spot x :)


When he headed back my way and past Mt Roland he would have passed over a few of them too doobie, glad the trout season's closed at the moment..:)

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2 hours ago, brenton said:

that turn looks too sharp sure he didn't leave and come back across his wake.

             cheers b

 No, he did the same hard right turn as the first one in the photo LHS..  He came back in the opposite direction around 20 minutes later and was heading towards Melbourne.. well back towards the mainland any way..

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