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Semaphore Fishing Competition

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I have a business at Semaphore and walk down to the jetty nearly every day and never see any kids fishing there. I remember when I was young (long time ago admittedly) we used to go to Henley, Sema4 and LB jetty regularly. So I had this idea to arrange a Junior fishing comp at the Semaphore jetty to encourage kids to get a taste for fishing. I know several businesses that would sponsor costs of promo and all prizes etc but would need volunteers to assist in supervising / judging etc. Ideally it should be managed by a fishing / anglers club but I don't know of any in the area.

I am sure I can get assistance from Rec Fishing SA, other Gov bodies, local schools, Sema4 council etc.  The best timing considering other events at Sema4 would be October school holidays but I think the jetty upgrade may still be happening then. So it could be a weekend in November or Jan/Feb 2019 or October 2019.

Any thoughts or am I wasting my time with this one ?

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