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Slimy Mackeral

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Without Doubt The Superior Bait....

so reliable... they are also one of the best fish to bbq... i personally enjoy them, there awesome on the bbq..

bleed as you would salmon, there a breeze to gut/fillet.. there pref to bake or bbq..

99% of the time when im at beatrice islets 1 & 2, right through to late night rapid bay, trying to hit them massive gar & oversized tommies, soon as the slimys pick up the trail, they will bully other species next to nothing else has a chance at your baits mentality of small tuna,  you can bag buckets in no time... common 35-55cm they will get a lot larger, the bigger slimys tend to roll closely with chubb mackeral (school together with larger slimys)  they are so much fun on ultra light gear, you only need garfish/tommy setups 

they love gents packed on,peeled prawns to cockle eyes/& they will take snook lures, & small 20grm or so live poddy mullet...

my largest slimy recently was in the 1.1kg area, half dozen decent sized with a few beers bbq and salad to easy to achieve.. 


as bait there no1 broad spectrum regardless live or cubed. 

red mullet are also never to far from slimys... there a spectacular feed

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