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A little extra on a lure....

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Have you ever purchased a lure or two, used them and caught fish on them but still felt they just needed a little extra on them..

Well it may just be me but with my trout lures I quite often think there's that little bit extra that can be done with a lure.. Not all lures, just the odd one here and there..

I have these nice little Greed Guts lures and they work well on the trout but I felt I could add that extra to them.. all I did was get a fine pointed tooth pick and dob a few little red dots on each side of the lure. Now they look like small wild brown trout & I feel much happier with them too... I have done the same with my Mepps Aglia spinners by placing some #00 black fury stickers on the wider metal blades and they had an effect straight away on the trout.. I caught more fish on them..




The original Greedy Guts hard body 



Same lure after a minor touch up...  Now I feel much better..


An old photo from back in 2016 when I started putting the black fury stickers on the Mepps Aglia blades....


This ones on a copper blade.. it did improve the catch rate with the Aglia spinners..

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Nicely done. I have done the same on a few hbs by either adding an extra colour as you have or changed the colour. We need to mix things up from time to time. I have often been interested in the colours that people have had their lures re finished to ... but it is all about what works 😉. Regards, HBt.

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Might do the same to a couple of mine, Adrian. Looks nice and although I've never had many issues getting trout to eat them, it may just be something that pushes that good one over the edge to hit. 


I've taken permanent markers to lures for decent results, not that they 'really' caught all that many more fish. 

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