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West lakes bream

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Hi fellas , I done a quote for a bloke on some brickwork that owns the commercial hotel in Port Adelaide 

he has a house on west lakes with a pontoon out back on accessible by yak 

I asked him if he fishes much he took me out back on his deck and omg bream with blue lips everywhere

I’m guessing 50 to 60 cm 3-4 lbs maybe more never seen anything like it

they were making eye contact with me I guess waiting for me to dish up some treats for them 

he feeds them all the scraps from dinner lunches ect

he tells me they don’t ever look at lures or plastics  

bread is what they like the most

places I have fished in west lakes over the years using baits or plastics have had good success but fish only to 42 cm has anyone yacked  it up around the pontoons of the houses and hooked the monsters  I’m keen too do myself as I’ve obly seen a few fish of this size over the years and I reckon the Mullies would be good on these areas  aswell just need a yak lol 

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I have a few times back in the day.. have to be careful tho some residents treat them as pets, I've even had a bottle thrown at me once lol

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