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🎣🎈🎈 Strike & Hook End of Year Catch Up 🎈🎈🎣

Where: West Beach, gathering point to be confirmed at a later date.
When: Sunday 25th of November

Rock up during the day for a fish, you can catch up with other Strike & Hook fishos, take the boat out at the nearby ramp, grab a SH decky if you need one, fish off the beach. Congregate for a BBQ in the early evening for a feed, beverage and chin wag to top off the day.

Let us know if you can attend so we can gauge numbers. If you have any other comments, ideas, suggestions etc please feel free to post in the --> Strike & Hook End of Year Catch Up topic!


American White Oak Shavings

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Hi All,

We have a job lot (700kg+) of clean American White Oak shavings from a joinery job we are doing.

Is anyone here interested in it or able to suggest someone that may be??

It is all from commercially kiln dried timber which I am told is not as good for smoke generation as naturally dried timber.

We will probably just sell it for mulch but thought I would see if it can be put to better use first, it has to go within the next week or so.

Happy to get your thoughts!! (email : roleyj@internode.on.net )



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i do a bit of smoking infact i just set the back yard on fire with some embers but at least i beat the fire dept to the hose,my lads an aborist so i get plenty of free stuff.good on you for thinking of us.

                                     cheers b

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i do a bit of meat smoking..  generally kiln dried woods burn faster and hotter.. but as shavings in  a smoker pan.. it might work ok.  id be keen for a few KG to give it a go?

where is pick up?


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