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Over the last 12-18 months I've got right into my wading and thought I'd have a crack at making my own tub. After a bit of looking around at other set ups, I figured it was best to just dive in and see what happened. 

The basic idea was I wanted to be able to carry more than one rod, be mobile amd be organised. After a trip to the hardware store and the local boating store, I had all the parts I needed. Within an afternoon it was done! 


Generic UV stablised create, electrical conduit for axels, marker bouys / poly floats for wheels and all secured with S/Steel bolts, washers and nylocks. 

Below is a selection of on the job photos.


Overall it works really well. The rod holders allow me to carry multiple rods all rigged differently. This does two things, (1) when I get a season ending wind knot, I just bench the rod and grab another. No lost time not fishing! (2) It speeds up my apprenticeship as I can run multiple options simultaneously and figure out what works in different scenarios.

Only issue I have found is having the reels face inwards takes up a fair amount of room inside the tub and ironically, the reels get wetter inside the tub than outside. This is because when I land a fish, drops of water fall off the net which I dump in the tub during hook removal etc. I tried facing them "backwards" and outside the tub, seems to solve the problem.

1st planned upgrade is a small esky, big enough to fit a YFW in the 30-35cm range!!


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I cant claim the idea as my own - after seeing Undy's I got thinking and it festered until I did something about it.

Seems to handle the chop well, as in doesnt tip or anything. But trying to rest on it / use it as a work station during chop is challenging. Essentially your standing still and your height wont change, but the tub rises and falls with the chop. 

RE: the guld worm, I had the same idea but thought to use a cranka crab instead. Still on my list of things to do but im sure it has merit.

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Very Nice TL! Does look a little familiar 🤔. I like the triple rod holder to manage  2 rods and keep that landing net handy and tub free. Might have to borrow that idea!

You'll be able to take a slightly heavier outfit to tackle one of those flats bronzies soon :laugh:

One thing ive noticed: After a season or 2, the conduit wears down from sand ingress and needs to be replacing. 

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@Underpants familiar? What ever do you mean? Hahaha its essentially a direct replica of yours mate. I saw yours in action and was very impressed.

RE: sand ingress, Ive read your comments on that before and considered goining with aluminum tubing - but cost and the reflective properties put me off. Figured I would see how long version 1 lasts and upgrade as I learn more.

RE: Rod holders, they work great! Not just for the extra rods, but storage of said rod when removing hooks / re-rigging. Net works well in the holder as well, however I managed to get lures tangled in it a few times. I have also thought of using 1 rod holder to hold a stake-out pole. So I could anchor the tub to a specif point, then roam un-restricted. Sooooooo many options to pimp out a tub!

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Nice wading tub TL, very neat looking job.

You've inspired me to have a go at making one.  Am just wondering if any water seeps in through the bolt holes at the bottom and sides? Did you put in some silicone or some kind of water proofing around the bolt/nut? Or are the tightened bolts water proof enough?



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@bjorn2fish definately makes things easier. Dont get me wrong there are some small inconveniences at times with the tub - in comparison to just wading, rod in hand, bag on you back. However the benefits far outway the cons!

An updated version 2 of the tub came to life last weekend!

After a bit of research I found the a pretty suitable esky. A 20L IceKool esky. It was small enough to fit in the tub, but big enough to fot a 35+ model YFW. Worst case scenario if the reality was not quite as I had envisaged, I had a good BBQ beer esky 🍻

The esky didnt fit exactly as I imagined, especially with the rod holders on the inside, but it was workable. It also took up more room than I anticipated, odd given I knew the measurements before I made the purchase. 

I used some lengths of hardwood dowel to strengthen up the axels so they would cope with the extra weight of an esky with ice, drinks and hopefully a few fish!


Then it was time to hit the water to test it out!


Overall it worked really well and I was very happy with it.

Next upgrade will be some additional flotation - possibly by adding a 3rd axel - as whilst an esky with ice and a few drinks is fine - I soon found out, the weight of any fish in the esky quickly adds up!!

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    • By Underpants
      With all the ordinary weather we've been experienced, its been 6 weeks since i had wet a line.
      Finally the weather and tides cooperated and I managed a light tackle salmon session with a couple of mates, on today's low tide.
      Things were really quiet to start with, too quiet.  Were they all gorged on bloodworms?
      Then uncannily........ literally as if one had pressed a button they were 'on' .
      There were surface bust-ups all around us and the three of us didn't quite know where to cast. Any direction, any lure was smashed.The fish were not of any spectacular size, curiously all around the 26-32cm range but they were fun, feisty and super aggressive! No idea what they were feeding on?
      Beautiful clear, calm day in the water and some good clean fun. Would have easily landed 30+ of this size. Tried bait for nothing noteworthy and no squid about.

      Just took home a feed.
      News to me that Hornes have released a new 'wetsuit' range ........

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      I quick report and a few techniques. Nothing fancy but thought I'd just get this comp rolling.......
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      Water was lovely and clear and warm enough to leave the wetsuit behind. I was expecting wind to drop as it changed direction. Things were looking pretty good. A short wade out to the appropriate structure with a little 1.8 Yozuri. After a half dozen or so casts I hooked and bagged a little bait sized squid and took this for a good omen, with the session just commencing. Alas it was not to be. Walking all over the rocks and flicking everywhere yielded nothing.
      Whilst deciding that it was time to give up and head in, i spotted a school well within casting range, of course with my jig way out in the opposite direction! In the short time i was able to re-cast the school had gone out of visual range so i worked the area around where i last saw them. Gone! Finally i hooked a decent sized one, pulling line with each surge. Quickly worked into the net, dispatched & bagged.
      Unfortunately that was it so i called it a session. Not quite enough for Xmas stuffed squid ! http://www.strikehook.com/index.php/topic/26369-grilled-stuffed-squid/

      Wading is my favorite style of fishing and can readily apply to squid. Clear waters and low current/tidal movements work really well and enable a real visual element to fishing, one of the major joys of wading!. I prefer around the low tide and immediately after, also when one can readily wade to more suitable areas. Basically anywhere there is seagrass or weedy reef works: Just past the 'blue line' around Yorkes, reefy stuff around Marino and further south........pretty well all over the place!
      I don't usually specifically target squid whilst wading, instead wait until i see them following a SP or HB intended for something else. Being inquisitive creatures, they regularly oblige. Then its a quick changeover to a suitable jig, flick over and thru the area where the squid was last seen with fairly standard lift & drop retrieve. If they are still around they can be pretty quick and easy to find.
      With the super light tackle and skinny waters, I opt for small 1.8 & 2 sized jigs with nothing too lairy. Anything bigger sinks too quicky and can easily spook your target. You often need to let squid run for a while with this style of squidding so back the drag off a little, this way potential squid can 'take' the jig rather than drop it straight away. If they do drop the jig you may not get another shot .

      Once hooked, retrieve slow & steadily, letting the rod take the squid's surges, slip a net in behind while still in the water and hopefully aim that inky goo elsewhere ! I like to humanly kill straight away by squeezing the head prior to placing in the catch bag. Careful though, squid can bite quite well so hold from the tube and squeeze the head from behind with thumb & index finger. You will know you have done it correctly when there is an instant loss of the squid colours, to white.
      Its worth while getting straight back out in the same area where the last one was caught as squid generally occur in schools. Sometimes it may be 1 or 3, other times i have had 4 in the net before dispatching the first !
      I love eating squid but it's a can be a tedious pain to prepare. I adore salt & pepper squid, with a double coating of egg white/seasoned corn flour prior to deep frying . Otherwise stuffed squid (above link) is a fave. If im being 'lazy'  a simply crosshatching, light flouring and onto the BBQ grill with sweet chilli sauce & .