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Nice weather !

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Nope, but wish I could have.

Apparent Salmon school hanging close at Pt Noarlunga today  and Gar would have been around I reckon too.

As the wind gods are going to mess me up yet again on Monday to try the PN jetty, I may go for a drive to Waits (as gentle Northerlies) and try my luck.

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Myself and @Kuerschie went down south this morning chasing Carp on fly and bream. 

I had a few good looks on bream on fly but not committing and there were carp around but not really interested.

Kuerschie had 3 good looks at carp but nothing committed either. 

Then off tomorrow morning to cook the bbq with other fellow Strike Hookers for the Onkastompa!

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Went for a drive/fish to St Kilda yesterday morning... Clear and calm.. I was chasing bream on lures.. They didnt take.. 2 guys caught a few nice bream on baits near the boat launcing area.. Guys at the end caught some salmon trout.. I spotted some silver whiting in the bay side.. Tried some lures.. nothing.. Was a good way to start the day.. Will go there and try a bit harder for the silvers on lures..

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