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YFW fillets

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Odd question, but any reason a YFW fillet (scaled, skin on) would warp/curl up when being cooked? 

Last few batches I have done, some of the larger fillets have curled up and the flesh tends to be chewier. Only seems to happen with the models to go above mid 30s. The smallers models come up beautiful, everytime. 

Im assuming it is something I am doing wrong, possibly during the filleting process? 

I know with squid and whole fish, you can score/cut the flesh to prevent / reduce curling, but I've never seen this with straight fish fillets.

Any advice / ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Bigger ones always do. Just happened to me tonight.

Bigger fish always have a different texture to their flesh. I stopped keeping flathead over 65cm for this reason.

I too would love to know a solution. Never thought of scoring the fish. But will give it a try.

Cheers, Des

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Thanks guys - appreciate the responses. I figures it was either user error (my filleting process) or the size/age of the fish leading to a chewier/tougher flesh, which in turn curled. Glad to know others have the same experience.

RE: hot pan, maybe, but in the same pan at the same time are smaller fillets that dont curl. I had this same thought originally though so reduced the temperature and got the same result (curling) just without the crispy skin.

RE: weights / press with a spatula. I might give this a go and see how it fairs. 

I may also try just skinning the larger models and see if that helps. I do like the crispy skin though..... maybe just fry that off on the side!

Worst case scenario I may just release the bigger models and only keep the ~30cm models.

Thanks guys.



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