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Kastking customer service

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About to find out what there customer service is like,while i have bought there products in reels and lines where here it's a additional spool.

Here is the conversation today after receiving a spare spool in the mail today..

ME:    .....  Sending some more information to my last message,you can see how the screw driver handle passes through spool but the new spool it won't pass through as it has a smaller opening at the bottom

Kasking: ...... I'm very sorry that you have the problem. Don't worry. We'll try our best to take care of you. Most of our products have one year or longer warranty. It would be greatly appreciated if you can provide a video . We sent you an email,you can reply us with video to show the problem.We will partner with our technical support department and provide you with an immediate solution. Please don’t worry. We are committed to make sure your issue is resolved.


Now what i expected to hear was - sorry about the product being defective,we will be sending you a replacement spool.Sorry for the inconvenience .

No they are not getting a video and if these pictures sent to them isn't enough then i'll never buy another product from them again





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