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Guess the Doobie Burley Mix Ingredients Competition.

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for crying out loud doobs keep the prize pack we just wanna know the recipe that helps you catch nothing 😄

What kind of godless heathen wastes parmesan cheese in a bloody burley mix.

And in comes Kelvin to enjoy the pain of guessing the ingredients - Welcome mate. And with 1 guess .................. 🎉🎉🎉🎉 WINNER WINNER Congratulations on identifying all 7 ingred

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29 minutes ago, dmck said:

 Can I claim 1/7 the prize???

:lol: talk to Kelvin lol

I was thinking that you were going to start getting it right very quickly.

19 minutes ago, AquaticResearch1 said:

What kind of godless heathen wastes parmesan cheese in a bloody burley mix.

I agree, but it's only cheap crap lol ...

The fish don't deserve good quality but might change the taste of them 🤔

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11 hours ago, doodlebug73 said:

Thanks for the comp Doobie never would have got them all, but I will give the mix a try soon as I can get out in the boat.


No worries, it was something different and thanks for joining in too :)

Today on the PN jetty it was slow for a bite around dawn.

I only use quite a small homemade burley spring under a float, so the amount of burley on it doesn't 'bring in' the fish. But if they are there it helps to bring them closer to the hook/bait.

After putting some in the burley bucket with a very slow trickle the Gar came in - along with Tommies sprats :(  But 6 in the bucket plus other fisho's got around 4 -6 as well - so seemed to do it's job :D  Then I left, cleaned them up, cooked them up and all tasted nice 😙

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46 minutes ago, A-Jay said:

Doobie are you sure these are your ingredients or something Dave Sheldon would put together ?

Nah, never really said they were 'my' special ingredients that I put together especially - I just gave it a name for the comp :)

 Was just some fun to pick what went into it and 'most', not all were from David and you can put in it what ever you want.

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