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One more same thing,what i wanted was a small knot that comes up to the baitcaster and will pass through those smaller rod guides with minimal resistance.The knot will pass through 8/9 guides on every cast and may run 200-400 casts in a day throwing various lures.You can buy the bobbins (ebay) for $33 delivered.


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21 hours ago, Kelvin said:

Similar technique but just leave the reel on the rod with 2kg of drag and tie the braid to the first guide.


Rizzuto finish rather than half hitches,

Pretty well all I do....  but WTF is a 'Rizzuto finish" please...

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7 hours ago, AquaticResearch1 said:

The rizzuto finish is my downfall when it comes to the fg. 


In saying that, I'll only use the fg if I'm using heavy gear or casting heavy, long leaders through the guides. Most forms of fishing a well tied Albright will suffice.

I use this fg knot method  

But may use the Rissuto finish from Kelvin's posted video, as I can follow it a bit better it seems. Shall test. 

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    • By Plectropomus
      I use 80 pound leader to 30 or 50 pound braid, and have had a devil of a time with knots. Knots failing (even when glued) and knots catching in guides. With my terminal gear, the "Slim Beauty" turns out as a "Nylon Nightmare". Sure, it is easy to tie at sea, and holds well, but boy, oy boy does it ever jam up in the tip and other guides. 
      There is no doubt of the multiple benefits of the FG knot for such heavy terminal tackle, but blowed if I could remember it, and I seemed to need another hand (at least). There must be jigs out there on Google? 
      Sure is, and the easiest to use and cheapest to buy is actually an Aussie backyarder by the name of "FG Wizz". 
      Watching his "how to use" pitch, I was struck that, hey!!, the bobbins he uses look like the washers on my "Laserlite" fasteners from the deck renos, and also that the flexible rods look like pieces of tent pole or old fishing rod.
      Hmmmmm, I reckoned I had "the makings" in my shed. Scrounged or saved because "they will come in useful one day".
      Tonight, in isolation like everyone else, with the ABC broadcasting nothing but Coronavirus dilemmas followed by Amazonian destruction on 4 corners. What to do? 
      Well, I made myself a copy of the "FG Wizz". Once the glue sets, I will be tying FG's like a pro I reckon.........
      I figure that such a copy might be somehow illegal, but some of you might choose to buy one instead -- so this is free advertising I reckon. The bits and pieces I used are shown here, but comprise only the cup washers from Laserlite screws, stainless flatheads with washer and nut, a piece of broken tent-pole, wall plugs, and a hardwood offcut. This was all I could drum up, but it looks the goods.
      The important bit is the "How To" video of the FG Wizz. See 

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