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Advice - Shimano TK3G series of rods

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Hi Lads & Ladettes, 

Being eyeing off a new wand for wading the flats for a while and think I have found someone who is still stocking these. The particular one I am looking at is the 732 Light Spin (2 piece, 2-5kg). 

I have phsyically picked up and sampled the smaller 702 version with the same ratings and it seems a good rod in general and good option for surface YFW on the flats. Anyone have any experience with either the TK3Gs in general or more specifically the 732 Light Spin?

To give you some context on what I am comparing it to, below are my two current wands for wrangling YFW.

Samaki Zing Extreme, 7ft 6, 1-3kg + Shimano Stradic CI4+ 1000, 6lb Sunline Siglon

Atmoic Arrowz Bream Surface, 7ft, 1-3kg + Shimano Stradic CI4+ 1000, 6lb Sunline Siglon

Looking to add a 3rd wand to the stable that brings some slightly different characteristics but still maintains that soft tip required for the flats.

Appreciate any thoughts or advice on this rod.

Cheers TL


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While I was in Anaconda today, I looked for the TK3g / 732. 

Wanted to have a touchy of it to give some input, but couldn't see/find it - sorry.

But some of the rods looked so appetizing for flicking in the 1-4kg range I nearly walked out with one.

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I am not sure what exactly you are looking for T L

However, these 3 rods are what I take out on a session.



They are ALL PFLUEGERS !!!

An Exceptional rod for YFW and available at a ridiculous price of $79.00 for a rod with such quality materials and components. $79.00. Review the details on the website below.


Now they are all a bit different. 

701UL 7ft 1-3Kg - Standard no modifications. That I use for the lightest of lures.

701L  7ft  2-4Kg - Butt extended by 9" to improve casting for Medium lures.

701L 7ft   2-4Kg - Butt extended by 9"  ... & ... the tip shortened (broken) to the second guide for heavier lures.

So I play around with 3 different options on any given day depending on the conditions and lures I want to use.

Cheers, Des

PS. I also have Samaki C12 Gen2 7ft 3-8Lb,  Shimano Raider 721 7ft 1-4Kg, Shimano Bushy Lure Long cast 792SP 1-4Kg ... all also very good.  Plus Samaki and Daiwa travel rods in 2-4Kg that work perfectly well at home. Yet ... I alaways take out the Pfluegers fo YFW 




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Thanks for the info Des, much appreciated. 

I probably didnt articulate overly well what I was after. What Im looking for is:

1. A slightly stiffer rod that can handle the larger YFW lures, yet soft enough tip to not regularly pull hooks

2. Light enough to wade the flats and cast all day

3. Specifically looking at something in the 7ft 3 range as I already have a 7ft and a 7ft 6. I get that they are all different rods and the length is not the be all and end all, its more about finding a happy medium between castability vs handling (especially with guide wraps etc) whilst in knee - thigh deep water.

I spoke to the guy over the phone at the shop today (they are based in QLD) and had a chat. He seems to think it will do exactly what I want - but he has a vested interest in selling a product, so yeah...

I have also spoken to stores that no longer stock them and they rave about the blanks, so they must be a good rod (especially as they no longer have a vested interest in selling them).

I have decided to back my judgement in and get one, I figure if it does what I want then fantastic! If not, its another lesson learnt and I can always use it for other things like wrangling flatties or bream. 

Will let you know how it goes.




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7'3" was originally sold as a vibe rod I think so will have enough midrange to work larger whiting topwater lures, as is designed with enough give so you wont pull hooks on soft mouths. The blanks are a bit doughy, being composite, but are fine for what you are doing. I have one of the original pale blue sticker rods, with cork handle.

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Thanks for the advice everyone! New toy arrived today 😊

On advice from the store, paired it with a 2500 Stradic for balance purposes. Whilst I wont get a chance to christen it for a while, initial thoughts are:


Definately has the softer tip I was after. Length seems good at 7'3. No micro guides, so hopefully no/less guide wraps. 2500 seems to sit well on it.

Cons: (all minor and nothing game breaking)

Noticeably heavier outift weight wise than what I have been using. Makes sense given upsizing from 1-3kg with a 1000 up to a 2-5kg with a 2500.


Time will tell, but initially appears overkill for what I was after, although may end up being a great all rounder for wrangling lighter estuary species (Bream, Flatties, YFW, School Jew/Mulloway etc.).

Cant wait to get it wet!!



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