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Breeding maggots without meat

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10 hours ago, doobie said:

Great update mate and they are looking pretty good still.

And a good point too - change over the Bran every so often (haven't done that myself - but makes sense).

Have you got out to use any yet ?

Yeah I'm sure there are blokes who reckon dirty stinking young maggots, with their stomachs full of meat, are the ultimate bait.

And I wouldnt take much convincing to believe that.

But you cant argue with the effectiveness of clean maggots in bran either.

So - as I only have one fridge - a clean maggot is my chosen path

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I think cleaned out maggots are better, but as you say, there is probably argument that maggots with meat still in their stomachs are good as well.

But when putting the meat filled maggot on hooks and their juices come out, I reckon our finger would tend to smell pretty bad pretty quickly.

Anyway, the clean ones still have a good juices for the Gar to suck on - no rudeness intended lol.

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