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Disposable sinkers

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(Caution these fellas will rust and drip rusty water - you've been warned - some people fully tape them or dip them in paint so this isnt a problem)

Good for spots where you lose a few.

With rebar off cuts you can get for free at any building site - a bit of wire - some tape - and zip ties - you too can have these beauties.

You will need an angle grinder with a cut off wheel aswell - or a hack saw.

I pulled on the wire and it got to 13kg without budging so I stopped pulling.

Edit  - Just tried it without the tape and a couple of zip ties and I got to 13 kgs without breaking aswell




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2 hours ago, doobie said:

If it works, why not, although I couldn't be bothered lol.

A bit heavy for my Gar float too :D


Yeah I initially started thinking about alternative weights after donating a few surf sinkers to the local reefs. We use marker floats to define the edge and losing a few bucks when they got snagged stopped making sense pretty quick.

But fishing ocean rock ledges is another place where I've wondered if donating lead is the wisest move😉


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