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Quick Friday night / weekend comp!

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Find the fishing icons scattered around the site and you could win the prize pack below.

No hints yet apart from this...


Send a PM to me with the locations of all of the icons you can find, what they are and where they are located. Don't post up what the icons are and their locations in the chatbox or in this topics thread as we don't want anyone sitting back and letting a couple of members do all the hard work.

Fingers crossed I haven't made this too easy. Hints will be posted up if it does get a bit too crazy.

Good luck!!! 🔍


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Ah, well. Thought there might be others hidden within posts. Good luck to those who find them. I don't have the time as busy with 5 x grandkids most of the weekend. Was hoping to get lucky to give to the eldest grandson on his 5th Birthday. Always next time.

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Due to a glitch in the menu system one of the pages wasn't showing up. So the winner is the person who found 9 of the fishing icons first. The 10th you wouldn't have been able to find unfortunately 😣

The first person to find 9 fishing icons and the winner of the quick and easy 😂 comp is.....  Sykes

Congratulations mate! Send me a PM with your contact details and I'll get your prize pack sent off to you.

Thank you and well done everyone who took part in the comp. A bit of fun looking around the site, perhaps you came across some interesting old threads or areas of the site that you don't normally look at.


For those who just need to know where the last icon was, it was the jig head on the "Strike & Hook Videos" page. Damn menu system, my apologies.

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