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Setting up a trout pond

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This bloke has decided to turn a farm pond into a trout pond.

Its very early days in the process but he usually moves quite quickly on his projects.

Could be one to watch if you have an interest in this stuff.

The vid above is more of a trout hatchery tour

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Yeah I've tried my own version of this when the council built a new lake -I  stocked it up with all sort of prey items from shrimp to Yabbies  - gave it about a year for all the prey to establish self sustaining populations.

Then just when I was going to add some native predators - they drained it - They got in there with bull dozers and dredged it all out.  I was spewing.

So watching it unfold on youtube is the next best thing.

I must have jinxed this Canadian trout pond when I said he moves fast on projects - he does move fast but he's had plenty of other projects to move fast on over the last few months😉


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