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New Shimano Spheros SW Spinning Reel coming

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$119 usd so about $250 - $300 here lol, because im buying all new gear I've started with a full range of ugly stiks and buying mediocre reals like fin nor lethal 2500 for my 1 - 3 kg, fin nor Lethal Lever Drag LTL 20 for my trolling rod, and penn slammers for all others, i always buy my fishing gear when on a good special.

The idea of using bushes rather than bearings sounds good as long as they are decent, I've been using my reels for 2 years now and they have all taken a swim but for the overhead reels, they do get washed after every trip and serviced every winter, my gear really gets a hammering being a kayak fisherman but so far it's only the cheap started reels (kmart) that have failed. 

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